Elizabeth Whitney lives in Point Reyes Station, California. She has been associated with the 13 Moon Calendar Movement and the work of Jose Arguelles since Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Her galactic signature is Blue Solar Eagle: “Power of Vision.” She wrote a weekly column for the Malibu Surfside News from 2001- 2005; those columns appear under “wakingwaves.wordpress.com.”  She welcomes any opportunity to share these writings on the Internet or in print. Please communicate your interest in this. You may quote from these essays with attribution. Thank you.

contact: timebandit15@gmail.com


3 Responses to About

  1. Courage says:

    Nice work, I really think you are fantastic writer extraordinary. Have you heard anything back from the letter to that DJ on Theme Time?

  2. YouMa says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth. Very good dialogue with COBRA. Excellent clarifications. Good suggestions for people who are wanting to channel their own focus and energy into something positive in the here and now.

    I have this sign (2 of them) which I made up a while ago, for the Million Mask March sponsored by someone affiliated with Anonymous, which says on one side:

    Love One Another (this is pretty large letters)

    The other side of the sign says:


    One of each is stapled together, onto a wooden stick, Oh, first I get the signs laminated (at a copy shop) to help preserve them from moisture/weather. Then I staple them onto a wooden flat stick, then tape all four corners together.

    The content on these two signs is so generic and positive, they can be used for anything really.
    I’ve used them at a recent rally to bring greater awareness to the dangers of Fracking here in Colorado. Also, another great use for the signs is this:

    Either by yourself or with someone else, the more the better, choose a rather busy intersection in your community which has good traffic flow. Choose to walk on the “little walk man symbol” from one side of the street to the other, then go to the next segment, do the same, until you have walked the whole intersection, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Continue doing this walking for as long as is comfortable and fun. And as you are walking, wave at the cars and people with one hand and smile. Maybe even hand out some information you feel is appropriate. I have a flyer with my favorite websites/blogs, where people could go to for information. No need to place one’s name or contact information on this flyer, just get information out to people if that resonates with you. Overall, it is exposing people to what is on the sign – something positive and uplifting, something to focus on which can bring good feelings.

    Again, thanks for this COBRA dialogue!
    🙂 You, aka YouMa
    Boulder, CO

  3. ClareNYC says:

    Elizabeth, you are doing great work. Cobra has been a great blessing to us all out here. Maybe you’ll be able to interview him again as these are smart, informative. Thank you.

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