Fake News and The New World Disorder

By Elizabeth Whitney

            All news is fake news. There is not one version of news that is real and the rest fake. News is a subjective reality. We believe the news that conforms to our point of view. This applies to family squabbles, sports, international events and natural disasters. Reality exists in the mind of the observer. That’s a tough thought to digest.

            The continuing turmoil around the election results is a very good place to examine all this. The followers of Donald Trump believe that the vote count is fraudulent based on the evident passion of their support. They felt their power at his rallies and in the caravans of hundreds of trucks and boat regattas displaying their enthusiasm. Biden campaign events struck them as lackluster in comparison. It is just as irrational to them that Trump lost as it is to Biden voters that Trump’s voters claim fraud. 

            Trump voters get their news from Fox News and the president’s tweets. He has at this moment 88.9 million followers. Watching Fox News or following @realDonaldTrump is where you can feel the pulse of the force rallying around the idea that the election was stolen. Facts that support this feeling are grabbed from anywhere and amplified. Facts that don’t are discredited. When we believe that we’ve been ripped off, righteous outrage is the emotion of the day. That echoes right back to the winners, who now worry they might get ripped off.

            At the root of this divisiveness is potential for common ground. In one way or another we all feel a sense of powerlessness. A good portion of people from the liberal-progressive side feels powerless over the climate crisis to the point of projecting a sixth extinction. Plenty of us feel powerless in the grip of a cruel economy that favors a few haves over multitudes of have-nots.  On a personal level, we feel powerless over illness and psychological breakdowns and experience generic despair for survival for ourselves or for our loved ones.

            Then along comes the pandemic. The pandemic has taken us all to the brink of being able to endure escalating personal sacrifices.  For some that means replacing its reality with righteous rhetoric about freedom. Others lash out against those who refuse to comply with the constraints to contain the virus. Those who deal with it firsthand beg for public cooperation while they endure non-stop heartbreak and “compassion fatigue.” An endless round of powerlessness perpetuates itself as we locate the source of the problem in someone else. Aren’t we all guilty of that?

            We are going to flounder around in this state for a while, since Trump is still on center stage and this is how he deals with powerlessness. It has been his appeal from the beginning to identify the resentments of the unrepresented and position himself as their savior. Roger Stone is once again the dark wizard articulating and focusing generic unrest into a simple alliterative phrase: Stop the Steal.  For now it is working to keep the base energized, but not forever. 

            The work that lies ahead has to address the powerlessness issue and avoid demeaning those who carry its message, even with distorted logic.  Maybe we can agree that that there is absolutely everything wrong with the economic structure and the political establishment that rests on it. It may or may not be fixable without divine intervention—a prospect that is news in some quarters. Meanwhile, we can encourage signs of calming instead of inflaming. The spiritual voices ask us to stay heart-centered, not hardheaded, and bring consciousness to our emotional responses. 

            In terms of news and what to believe, time is a factor. We’ve grown accustomed to alarming news keeping us stimulated and agitated. When things settle, the view is clearer. There are honorable sources of newsgathering with standards and accountability. Reporters are trained and have depth of experience. There is editorial supervision and scrupulous fact checking.  

            Mainstream media used to mean newspapers, magazines and television, but these days the mainstream is cable news plus the Internet social media forms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not much accountability there, but plenty of points of view. People today seem attracted to the excitement of sensationalism more than the rigor of intellectual scrutiny—a trend that supports the agenda of manipulating minds more than cultivating intelligence. 

            The bottom line is that we are now in the thick of phase transition mode, when all that was normal is being reviewed and judged, some for the best and some for the worst. We have emptied the repressed basement of the house of order and dumped the mess into the living room. The only way through is cleaning, sorting, rescuing and discarding until we have made it all conscious, including the fact that the responsibility for all of this mess is equally all of ours. 

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The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

The dance of the extremes is in full swing with opposites whirling like the yin-yang symbol gone berserk.  Drop-dead gorgeous clouds are passing overhead while the gathering storm vibration of a life-and-death crisis wells up beneath us.  Where do we put our feet? Where do we put our faith? 

            For the first time, the whole human race is consciously connected around the primordial theme of survival in real time.  Surely that is significant.  Many people do discuss it this way, as a momentous achievement of unified consciousness that crosses all boundaries.  As the human world transforms into faces peering out over masks, we are eye to eye.  The window to our souls is wide open.

            I faced those faces myself six weeks ago flying back from Denpasar, Bali, to San Francisco.  For over 30 hours I was immersed in the mask culture as my flights landed in Singapore then Taipei, Taiwan, on the way to the long leg over the Pacific Ocean. Everyone wore masks and many of the people en route were from countries where masks had long become normal. I felt a huge surge of affection for the people whose eyes I briefly met. 

              There is a metaphysical component to the coronavirus health crisis that seems not to have reached the category of “news.”  I found myself pondering this question: “Could the virus be a religious event?” What is a religious event, anyway? Historically it seems to be an event that breaks reality wide open, like a miracle. It leaves a permanent marker in the culture, often celebrated forever as a holiday. 

                    The events of this present moment qualify for the world-will-never-be-the-same label. This is more than a political event or an environmental event or even a natural sciences event.  In many circles—literally embedded in every tradition on the planet—it is a prophetic event announcing the end of one age and the dawn of another age. It is also a forcing a crack in the control mechanism denying that extra-terrestrial beings are involved with the destiny of Earth. 

            News of the latter is coming through and basically that is the source of the good news that surrounds this health and survival crisis.  Metaphysicians and mystical scholars have plowed this turf for centuries.  They created a wealth of scholarship describing the divine intelligence that exists throughout the universe and manifests in every form imaginable. 

            We are being helped through this birthing crisis by intelligent life beyond this planet and much communication is flowing now to describe and define that. The liberation of Gaia from thousands of years of being under the control of very dark forces is at hand.  The virus will be defeated.  In each of us, there is the seed of this elemental battle. Define it as you will: love vs. fear: faith vs. despair; trust vs. cynicism; forgiveness vs. blame, etc. Even in these end-times circumstances, we are masters of our own destiny and, collectively, the masters of our planet’s destiny.  It is good time to be alive.

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Dear Ivanka…Sorry About the Brand Name


The party of, by and for the billionaires is proving a very important point: the love of money trumps the love of your neighbor. The winners in this floundering version of government are the wheeler-dealers of the industrial-military complex and the losers are the very people who were beguiled into believing that Donald Trump was their champion. Fixing the enormous inequality between the haves and the have-nots is not on anyone’s agenda.

There are lots of ways to look at what is going on and lots of personalities to fixate on. A big-picture perspective shows something more fundamental. The issues that beset this country (and many others) are rooted in a deep values clash. It boils down to the dichotomy of materialism vs. spirituality.   One value says: gold rules. Another says: apply the Golden Rule. In one system everything is about personal gain and insulating oneself from others’ suffering. In the other there is no such thing as separation from the other, and the goal is alleviating as much suffering as possible, even if it involves sacrificing oneself.

Trump’s election appeared to be the victory of materialism. His campaign celebrated the triumph of money, his own fortune and that of a gang of multibillionaires who opportunistically fed into his campaign. All of this is well chronicled in Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. A political take-over was a decades-long dream of the radical right. With Trump’s presidency it became a reality.

The unexpected outcome of the 2016 election turns out not to be that he won but that he and his buddies are totally incompetent. The skills involved with being a successful hedge-fund manager or real estate mogul or business tycoon back-fired when applied to public service. The public relations mess that currently entangles the president, his family and key appointees is over-shadowing any of the glamour associated with high office. The problem was created by their ridiculous hubris in thinking that business tactics could be applied to governance.

While his entourage was in Saudi Arabia, they made billions of dollars worth of deals, enumerated by a May 22 Bloomberg article: [bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-22/guide-to-400-billion-in-saudi-u-s-deals-black-hawks-to-oil]. It was business in paradise for the oil developers. The whole point of the trip was to anchor deals in the land of oil money and gloss over any issues of human or women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Once again, it was guns and dollars at work to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

The women on the trip, Trump’s wife and daughter, did not speak out on behalf of women’s struggles. In fact, Ivanka clearly was on her own agenda. For Ivanka, the thrust of the Trump presidency is to guarantee the success of the Trump brand lasting beyond his business life. The tarnishing of his name is a concern, and you can bet it is not an easy time being a Trump.

Naturally, it never occurs to any of them that Trump’s real reputation might ride on something besides his business portfolio. What makes a great leader a legend is what he or she accomplishes for others, not for themselves and their cronies, in their time in power. That Golden Rule stuff again.

I’m sorry to tell you, Ivanka, that polishing the Trump name is a lost cause. The worst thing that could have happened was that your father actually got elected to a job for which he has no talent, no temperament and no ability to learn from his mistakes. It’s all going downhill and the word disaster keeps cropping up. The art of the deal does not apply when the losers are your constituency. Soon enough the reality of the Trump disaster will seep down to its roots.

Meanwhile, we have to see that this is not just about this handful of self-involved billionaires but a whole thought-process that supports the idea that there should even be people who gain such wealth that they manipulate the political system to institutionalize their dominance. We have to question the foundation of the money system and in its inherent corruption. Revolutions always occur when the polarization between those who have super wealth and those who struggle for basic survival reaches a tipping point of instability.

Vastly more Americans in the rural and urban areas are facing unimaginable difficulties meeting simple needs for shelter, healthcare, nutritious food and basic opportunities to improve their lives. Alarming statistics describe their plights and the negative effects of Trump policies on their prospects. It’s the hard-heartedness of the Trump agenda that is getting polished as the brand is getting slammed. This loveless crusade is generating hate crimes and trauma.

Nevertheless, love persists. That’s the bottom line, and over and over again it is being drawn as the line in the sand, sometimes with blood and sometimes with flowers. Eventually, love will prevail because it is the source and, unlike money, its source is infinite.





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The Brave New World of Media and Manipulation



We are seeing a lot of media about the media but hardly any of it addresses a core issue of our times: the sophisticated brave new world of mind control. The key words here are Big Data. Big data means exactly that: all the information about an individual traceable in the digital age. Every click. Every swipe. Every purchase. Every search. Every like. Every move you make…we’ll be watching.

For all this random information to be useful, it has to be organized and that is where the field of data analytics comes into play. This evolving field has now merged with behavioral psychology models that predict how various personality types react to triggers. Culling data from Facebook, for example, including data from those psychological quizzes that people love to take, gives profiles that are very useful when you want to persuade someone to do something.

And that is exactly what the Trump campaign did and is planning to continue doing. Through the influence of Steve Bannon and funded by hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer, a contract was given to Cambridge Analytica, a British data analysis firm who also played a role in the Brexit referendum. Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, also a major money player, were the connection to Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Lots of money flowed from their super PAC “Make America Number One.”

When Paul Manafort was fired and the Conway-Bannon team took over, the campaign shifted its emphasis to a social media-based campaign, using the Cambridge Analytica technologies. Individually targeted and emotionally charged information was fed back to likely Trump supporters via Twitter or links on their Facebook feed. Distorted and vicious anti-Hillary stories and any other fear-mongering misinformation that served their purposes became the Trump campaign. Trump rallies restated key words and phrases and the hypnotic trance was sealed.

These tactics have solidified a Trump base of voters who are immune to truth, objectivity or facts. As disagreeable as it is to watch a Trump rally or Sean Hannity interviewing Kellyanne Conway, if you take a look at these events you can see the hypnotic trance that his fans are locked in. A very interesting Facebook account from a local evangelical pastor named Joel Tooley who attended the recent Florida rally described it as “demonic.” (You can search for this on the Internet; I republished it on my Facebook page.)

The long-term significance is now playing out with the president and his team. The blatant attack on the respectable media who are now labeled “the enemy of the American people” may seem laughable but it is also a very calculated phase of the overall Trump mind control plan. He gave his followers a bulwark to defend themselves from any critical analysis of his reckless plans, political business intrigues and compromising Russian alliances. Truth is fake news; fake news is truth. Welcome to 1984.

It is a grim time to be a warrior for truth. We’ve been blindsided by a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that harvests voters’ fears and discontents and repackages them as hypnotic chants. In the campaign, these same technologies had us in constant reactionary mode, overly obsessed by the emperor in his new clothes and oblivious to the dark side machinations that got him there. While we watched the Punch and Judy show, the election was being stolen.

Now we need to wake up and pay attention and refine our strategies. For those of you so inclined, start doing research on all the topics mentioned here. Get to know this cast of characters and how they penetrate Trump’s team. All is not in harmony behind the scenes, so we can expect some interesting back-stabbing. With a few possible exceptions, they are all opportunists with self-serving agendas. Some, like Bannon and the Mercers, are ideologues with grand theories they want to implement. Trump is their populist vehicle—it’s a creepy alliance to say the least.

Meanwhile, outside of that toxic environment, there are decent political people who are trying to preserve selfless goals on behalf of humanity and the planet. We need to reinforce all the goodness that shows up wherever it shows up. We also need to realize that big data is not all the data that is by a long shot. The intelligence of the universe is a real phenomenon. The intelligence of the heart is stronger than programmed behavior based on fear.

The world-wide Women’s March of January 21 was a natural uprising from the heart. The signs, like the hats, were soulfully hand-made outside the reach of digital technology. The human interactions were natural and peaceable and buoyant. The humor that co-exists with the trauma is also a sign of health in the body politic. To be effective spiritual warriors, we have to feed the goodness while we commit to the valor of resistance. We are not destroying an enemy; we are birthing a new age of healing and freedom. We have destiny on our side and we will succeed.







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Long Night’s Journey Into Day


It’s transition time in the birth of the New America and the contractions are excruciating. On the one hand, there is much pain and, on the other, shell-shocked joy that the pain didn’t happen. Is the new normal one unknown leading to the next unknown? It looks that way from here. All signs are pointing to a long slog in the delivery room.

Who better to endure this cycle with courage and faith, but women? It is the essential nature of woman to recognize that time fulfills itself through us. When dealing with powerful currents of energy beyond our control, we don’t win or lose. We surrender and, in time, we win the greater victory.

The destiny of this planet and this country is not to squabble ourselves to death with self-righteous arguments and power grabs. Our present political institutions are so entangled in the octopus of global economic power-mongering that they hardly have room to move. At some moment in time, that system will self-destruct in a total collapse.

In anticipation of this, many, many people all over the world have been mixing the ingredients of a new just, egalitarian, compassionate and harmonious social system. They have been working on free energy and healing of environmental degradation with superior technologies that align with the natural order. This is the thrust of human destiny.

President-elect Trump and his gaggle of opportunists are the rats joining the sinking ship. The ultimate irony is that for all his chants of “lock her up,” it is Trump who has ended up in a not-even-gilded cage of mind-bending responsibilities. He can’t quit; he can’t live in his swank penthouse and he can’t deliver the goodies he passed out to his adoring crowds. There will be no wall, no federal prosecutor putting Hillary Clinton in jail and whatever “repeal and replace Obamacare” means turns out to be a heck of a lot harder to do than to say.

Meanwhile, look who is free. When Michelle Obama was asked what she looked forward to most when their White House days were over, she answered, “Freedom.” The lovely photograph of the young woman hiker with her girl baby on her back with Hillary Clinton (taken by Bill Clinton) told the story of Hillary’s freedom to walk in the woods with her dogs two days after the election. Contrast that with the cowed demeanor of Donald Trump after getting a reality check on what being president means from President Obama. He’s in over his head and he knows it. He went from being a big shot CEO to a public servant. Meanwhile, Barack Obama will be allowed to drive a car and body surf in Hawaii again!

The genuine public servants, such as the Obamas and the Clintons, will find their way into the next form of service that suits them. We still have them and their coterie with us. The dedication of all the individuals who committed themselves to the election campaign and its ideals, people who now realize the depths of the discontent that seethes under the surface of the electorate, is more activated than ever. This election is a beginning, not an ending, of a potent positive movement.

The events of the post-election days are showing an uprising spreading in all directions with many components. There is no precedent in my memory for such an empowered losing majority. This is going to be the fun crowd: sophisticated, inspired, energetic and ready to fight on every front that appears to defy the will of the people. We are also willing to cooperate on any genuine enterprises that address the economic inequities that inspired the passion of this election. All of this is the challenge of being alive and awake in this time.

Women have already sent out the call for the Women’s March on Washington on the day after the inauguration, January 21, 2017. Women marched to gain suffrage, inventing the pageant of peaceful political activism through beauty and dignity. It seems that a new time has arrived to bring that into being again. Stay tuned.

The bottom line is: We are still here, even stronger together.



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Back to Basics

There are only two governments on this planet. One is the government of money and one is the government of divine order. Corrupted humans, with the intention of running the planet for their benefit alone, created the government of money. This government connived to enslave the rest of the humans via political and economic constraints and masterful tools of mind-control.

The government of divine order exists as creation itself and is governed by universal metaphysical laws and mathematical structures revealed through sacred geometric patterns. These patterns—the Flower of Life, the Golden Mean spiral, the torus doughnut, the dodecahedron, the Mayan Tzolkin, etc.—are observed throughout the manifest universe. It is important to note that there are no moral codes enforced by the divine order, nor are there divine orders spelling out that which is allowed and that which is forbidden. Those orders were created by the government of money, which infiltrated and co-opted religions originally inspired by revelations of the divine order.

Some important facts need to be understood about the government of money 1.) The power of money is based on scarcity, which its government regulates. 2.) The government of money owns and manages all addictions, making money itself the prime addiction. 3.) The intimidating power of the government of money comes from a primordial state of insecurity artificially implanted in all humans and activated by various advanced psychic technologies.

The final important truth for our time is that we are in the Armageddon moment of these two forces fighting for control of planet Earth. The turning point has occurred! The government of money has lost and the government of divine order has won. The victory of the Light, as it is referred to, has been achieved on the non-physical planes and it is only a matter of time for it to be visible in our physical world. The inevitability of this victory was built into the turning of the ages that occurred two years ago (December 21, 2012) but it nonetheless had to manifest through the free will of humans waking up to the true state of the world and to their ability to free themselves from the insecurity implants in their psyches.

Each of these sentences could be the first statement in an essay of its own, but this is not the time and place for that. All of you know these things are true in some part of your non-programmed being. In time, the truth of this will come forth as the Light continues to penetrate the planet and awakened humans continue to step out of their trance of indoctrination. The details will emerge and the veil of secrecy over our Galactic history will dissolve.

Imagine one tiny cell of your body suddenly realizing that it is part of a conscious entity made of countless other cells, each unique and yet each functioning in harmony with all the others. We are unique individuals and yet we serve the divine order. Understanding that we expand in power and purpose as we realize where we fit into the grand scheme of things is our next great evolutionary mission. That is what is in store for us as we move into an era that is defined as the Noosphere, an era of consciousness. Every person alive now is born for this era.

Meanwhile, back at the West Marin ranch, what does this mean for you and me? First of all, we will soon experience a major economic reshuffling and a whole new understanding of money. The fiat, or debt, currency of the Federal Reserve—the governing tool of the political world—will be replaced by a currency based on gold reserves. There will be a slight pause while the system is reset, but when it comes on line the form of our currency will be gold-backed Treasury Reserve Notes equal to if not more valuable than Federal Reserve Notes. This Global Currency Reset will be happening in many if not all countries on the planet. The dollar as we have known it will be history. A vast debt jubilee is expected.

The gold that will back our currency is from a massive treasure owned by ancient Chinese families, sometimes referred to as the Dragon families or the Elders. They have very benevolent intentions for this gold and there will be a huge rollout of funds for humanitarian projects sponsored by these collateral accounts. The intention of this will be to provide every human being with basic needs: home, food, shelter, clothing, health, education, etc. The places in the planet in the direst straits will receive attention first, but we will all begin to feel the effect. This gold has been stored for centuries waiting for this purpose.

There will be other radical changes as well. Certain high-profile political individuals will be arrested along with the main orchestrators of the government of money—now referred to as the Cabal. The current political structures of the government of money will be thrown into disarray and reformed in new and honest ways. Suppressed free energy technologies will be released. The media will no longer be under Cabal control and will be restored to an honorable role in the culture. On a multitude of platforms, from health to the arts to media to education, the influence of money will be turned from private gain to public good. It is somewhat unimaginable to predict what this will feel like and how it will be orchestrated, but be assured that this turning point has been planned for decades and is not some kind of coup d’état out of nowhere.

There are many signs that this is imminent. Whether it is weeks or months or even a year, it is inevitable. Look at the world right now and see the eruption of street activism. Look at the chaos in the so-called markets—patterns that suggest that the system has lost control of its system. Look at the daily revelations of chicanery and corruption at the heart of the power structure. Look at the ominous role of technology, serving the purposes of surveillance while enslaving us to addictive devices that blind us to the government of divine order. Radical change is coming because it must. Bottom line: keep calm and carry a big heart.

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Conversations with Cobra, Chapter Two

Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra

Recorded via Skype, Point Reyes Station, March 16, 2014

[Red Resonant Earth]

Elizabeth: …Let’s talk about the mystery of this airplane 370. I’m wondering what you’d like to say about that because it is certainly a huge topic. Where can you go with that? What can you share?

COBRA: It was definitely not a UFO because the Light Forces are not working that way. There was no extraterrestrial involvement in that, that’s all I can say right now. There was a lot of information released about the patents and advanced military technologies. It is actually a conflict between the Unites States and China about those technologies. And according to some sources they are behind the downing of that plane. But I would say the whole story is actually a distraction because there are many things happening that are more important than that right now.

E: Almost an intentional distraction?

C: Yes. In a way, yes. Because people have a tendency to focus on the most sensational aspects of a whole situation, and this tends to diffuse the focus, which is now needed for the planetary liberation.

E: But the event in itself of the plane is fairly sensational. It eluded so much of our tracking skills or is…

C: You see, military technology can easily disrupt a radar signal. That’s not a big deal. It was happening since World War II. Events like this were happening quite regularly during the war. In World War II and onwards—it’s nothing unusual. Many planes have “disappeared” during military conflicts.

E: To me, it has created such a lot of attention, as you said, that whatever resolution arrives, when it comes out, whether the people are alive or not, will also create a lot of attention. If it’s an ending that is positive that will have an impact on people, or the other way around. It was kind of remarkable to see this thing develop….

C: OK.

E: Not a UFO. OK.

C: No. It was not an UFO. I can confirm that. There was zero extraterrestrial involvement in the whole scenario.

E: No involvement, negative or positive. OK. We can go on from there.

One of things I would like to talk to you about…my reflections on the things you’ve been saying lately and so on… It really interests me how the human species has been manipulated to the point where it is pretty hard for me to say that we have free will. When I am around people and I listen to how they perceive realty—or in the family and so on—I am sensitive to the feeling that no matter what they are saying they do not feel secure. Could you talk some more about our species, how we’ve gotten the way we’ve gotten, and what our emergence will be like? I don’t think it is so much about our efforts to rise above everything as—what you have said—that we have got to be released from this bondage. Maybe we could go into that a little bit more.

C: OK, I wouldn’t agree that there is no free will left. There is always a portion of free will left. And even if it is a tiny bit, if you expand that, you can get more of it. The reason why this thing got so far—there are many reasons for this. One the reasons is also the responsibility of humanity. Human beings made many choices in their lives and humanity as a whole in human history. It is not just about the Cabal. It is not just about the Archons. It is also about human free will. Humans have a tendency to choose the path of least resistance—the immediate appearance of the least resistance. The simplest possible solution, which is usually not really the simplest possible solution. Because of this tendency, human beings have actually neglected their free will. It’s like a muscle. If you train the muscle it gets stronger. If you don’t train it, the muscle gets weaker. This is what has happened with humanity. Human beings for the cycle of incarnations, they have not chosen to use that free will, to exercise that muscle.

It’s time now to turn the tide. A certain amount of awakened people on the surface of the planet have chosen to do that and are expanding their free will. It is exactly why this liberation process can go forward. Of course, the Light forces will help, and the vast majority of the work will be done by the Light forces, but without active human participation, liberation is not possible. There needs to be certain small amount of free will present among certain segments of the population, and this is exactly what has happened.   Of course, when the burden will be removed, it will be much easier for human beings to exercise their free will and they will discover it once again. They will understand their choices and how they contributed to the whole situation.

E: When I am aware of the stress of ordinary life for so many people across the board, in terms of my culture and cultures I’ve learned about, I can tell that this exercise of free will is hard when people’s ordinary lives are so full of distress. I like that you are saying a small portion of people can activate free will and help spread that, but I also feel quite sympathetic toward the people for whom that is an overwhelming idea—I know they can work with it internally—but when their health is compromised and their food is compromised and they have sick children…I’m just feeling a lot more empathy for people that are living very difficult lives.

C: Yes, I would agree. The life conditions on this planet are extremely stressful for many human beings; I would say maybe for even the majority of humanity on this planet right now.  Life was never supposed to be like this. I’m only saying that even in those stressful conditions, human beings can make small steps towards liberation. They cannot turn the whole situation around, but in their own lives they can make small steps to make better choices, to eat better food, to make better life decisions, to do small acts of kindness. Whatever their life situation is, there is always a small improvement that they can do. This will help the whole process.

Also, the Light forces are aware that the life conditions on this planet are far, far from what they are supposed to be, and humans deserve much better life conditions to redevelop their free will. This is what the Light forces are doing when they began to remove the controlling forces. One aspect is that is very important is that the Cabal has suppressed healing technologies and are actually maintaining the suffering of humanity through diseases. This is a big crime against humanity and those responsible will have to answer in front of all humanity for their actions. That is why the Light forces will bring healing technologies that will be able to remove most of chronic pain and most of diseases on this planet immediately. After this is removed, most human beings will be able exercise their free will more.

And the second pillar is the financial system. Most of humanity is living in poverty in conditions that are not even the minimum conditions for survival. When the new financial system comes in place, every human being will be given basic necessities for life: food, clothes and shelter. This will be given unconditionally to every human being. Nobody will have to work to have a roof over their head, to have drinking water and food. This will be given unconditionally. People who would like to have more will have to give a little more energy to humanity. The basic living conditions will be provided for. It is a universal law: every human being deserves to have those minimal conditions fulfilled.

E: That’s really the heart of what I was asking, because I do believe it is a universal law. I feel how abused our planet is that we don’t have those minimal conditions. Do you want to talk about the status of things and how you are viewing our progression toward this moment of emancipation? There’s a lot going on…

C: There is huge progress being made, especially on the etheric plane. There is a huge healing and huge clearing that has happened now since the beginning of this year. The conditions are now much better and we are much closer to the Event. There is one very strong network that has to be removed, and when this network is removed, I am expecting the Event can take place. I cannot give any dates, of course, but we are close to the breakthrough.

E: Good! Yes. This energy in the air that I am feeling is a kind of anticipation energy, as if we have more permission to feel that it is very close. We don’t have to restrain our desires; it’s coming toward us. These very interesting alignments that you’ve written about in your blog—why don’t you clarify that? I’m interested learning in how these alignments actually work, what really happens.

C: When these cosmic alignments happen, it’s like a portal of energies—a portal that connects our third dimensional world with higher dimension from the 5th and above. The energy from the higher dimensions, the light and love from higher dimensions, can pour into to our dimension and begin transforming it. Especially if we have a critical mass of human beings transmitting those energies, because every human being, whether they are conscious of it or not, is a transmitter of higher dimensional energies. Those energies can create a resonance field throughout the planet, which can begin to transform the situation on a very deep quantum level. This is what we are working for. This is what we are doing with our activations; we are transforming the quantum signature of matter on this planet. This is something that the Cabal cannot stop because they do not have technology on that level.  It’s not possible, because it’s about consciousness—which is about all technologies.

E: Where can their power go and interfere and then when you work as Light forces to disempower them, can you describe what is that like? Does it appear in a physical form at all?

C: I don’t quite understand this question…

E: I don’t think I do either!  I’m trying to imagine what it means to be clearing this field and undoing the negative power that you’ve described. I’m thinking about it like a housecleaner. Is it like finding the dark stuff and neutralizing it?

C: Yes, yes, exactly. The Light absorbs the darkness and transforms into the Light. It is like a big cleaning station, you might call it. It is planetary network of cleaning stations, which turns the darkness into the Light.  Actually the darkness travels through a hyper-dimensional portal and then it is transformed into the Light. It is being absorbed by the Light.

E: So, it is like a vacuum cleaner…

C: Yes.

E: I’m thinking of the big destiny that we are living out now—to be in a time when this is finished. The babies that are being born now are going to be part of the next cycle. What’s a good way to look at that and not look backward and regret so much how we’ve been manipulated but to look forward and see what will come? I think a lot of people get kind of angry when they learn how they’ve been…

C: Anger is the first reaction. When people begin to realize how they were manipulated before, they will get angry.  But when the new reality comes, when there will be so much Light and healing and good things available, it will be like waking up from a bad dream.  You will just say, ”Oh, I’m waking up, it was a nightmare, now it’s over, and I am glad it is over.” And we will just drop the whole thing. We will not dwell on it. It will just be seen as a past period of history, which was very dark and it’s over and we are glad it is over and we are starting afresh.

E: That’s very good to hear.

C: So this anger is just a transitional thing. It’s like it is part of the healing process, because the first phase of empowerment is anger.  The purpose of that anger is to put boundaries, to say no to the Cabal and remove them from the planet. And this anger will not be needed anymore.

E: That’s a very good way to think about it. It’s almost habit that wants to go backwards, but if that habit is also released…

C: You see, people have anger as a habit when there is no higher perspective, when there is no higher vision.  And humanity will receive higher vision and higher perspective with the first contact, with a new perspective of evolution, new technologies, healing, free energy—of all those wonderful things opening up of intergalactic travel.  People will have no time to be angry.

E: That’s good to hear. In terms of the first phase, is the progression that you’ve described as to how it will come to pass a big information download that will come through all the media? Or are there sensitives who will experience it before it arrives? What will be the articulation be at that point? Will people identify themselves as the Light forces or will it go through the voices of the political leaders we are aware of now?

C: At the time of the Event there will be a huge download of intel through the mass media for the masses. Certain individuals who are now Lightworkers and Light Warriors might be contacted directly by the Resistance, and they will be given instructions how to lead humanity through the transformations, because the Light Forces, Resistance movement, the Argarthians and the extraterrestrial races will not be visible at the first stage after the Event. Human beings on the surface will lead the transformation, guided with instructions from the Resistance.  After some short period of time, the Resistance and other Light forces will make themselves visible, but not at the very, very beginning.

E: For instance, what will come on the media? Will it be words for people to read rather than a person speaking or…?

C: It will be a release of hidden documents; it will be release of intel about the Cabal, about the true history of the planet, evidence about Atlantis, things like Area 51, things like Roswell crash, things like UFOs that were stored in area 51, things of that nature. The names of the Cabal members, the financial system Ponzi scheme, all those things with numbers, details.  Everything. Hard evidence.

E: Will people see it as words that they are reading or are there going to be persons speaking those words that they will see?

C: It will be the same as now. We have TV stations where are people working there. It might be that some of the same people will keep their jobs and just read from a different piece of paper with a different intel than now.

E: That’s interesting. So the whole thing will filter through the system as it is now in place.

C: Yes, the structure will keep intact. The same TV stations, the same studios, just the script will be different. The truth will come through the same mass media.

E:  That’s good to hear. I am interested in that part. At this stage, what level of people on this planet are aware of this in a real way, not because they have heard about it, but heard from the Light forces? When I read the newspaper and I try to look through and see if I am seeing signals—like when I read that the Federal Reserve Board has just been announced—are those people still playing the game for us or do they actually not know what is coming?

C: People on the highest level of power and diplomacy, they know about it. They don’t speak about it publically but they know about it.  To the mass media, there are no words about it. It’s a complete censorship at this point, still.

E: Is the censorship because they know about it and they won’t say it or on some level they don’t even know about it?

C: The Cabal knows about it. The Cabal controls the mass media and they don’t want people to know. Because if people know about this, this brings them hope. And if people have hope they will resist more and they are not so controlled. This what the Cabal doesn’t want.

E: I’m thinking about the journalists who cover the routine things that go on politically; those people don’t think of themselves as controlled by the Cabal, but they may not have access. I just wonder if there isn’t some kind of suspicious feeling now that there is something going on behind the scenes.

C: Always layers of intel, layers of access. The higher the position somebody has, the more intel he has access to. An average journalist can at this point begin to feel that something is going on, but would not get the whole picture.  The top journalists will get more of the whole picture, but he would get threats or he would get bribed at this point.

E: So, there is still a lot of danger around.

C:  It’s not safe. People are worried for their jobs, their life situation; they have to raise a family, they have to maintain their lives. These are the basic control mechanisms in the system right now.

E: But, it is probably diminishing because you have done so much work…

C: Yes. That’s true. The truth is coming out, one way or the other.

E:  Of course there is a whole range of intel being thrown around by people who consider themselves part of this. There is a lot commentary from people who channel various layers of Ascended Masters or Ashtar command. Always part of the puzzle for me is sorting those people out, not to mention disinformation. Do you just advise us to use our discernment so we can keep our nose on the right trail instead of getting lost?

C: Yes. There is an information war going on and the Light forces release true intel and the dark forces try to twist it around. You have to be very, very vigilant and use your discernment especially now.

E: It’s almost harder to do that when there is so much going on. When there were more secrets it was easier! But now you have to sort out the people that are telling you the secrets.

C: Exactly.

E: The flavor of things seems to be gentler, almost. I don’t live in a harsh reality. I live in a very positive, loving reality, but I am sensing that there is an ease or some kind of … I don’t know how to explain it.

C: Exactly, because the negative etheric layer has been cleared out and the light and love from beyond the veil is beginning to penetrate inside the quarantine. There are more positive energies present and it will increase. It will get better and better.

E: That’s a fundamental message to tell people. That’s what I have actually started to do. I ask people: “Haven’t you noticed that things are getting better? That synchronicities are supporting you more? That there is more ease?” and then people will say, “Well, yes, I have.” It’s springtime, it’s beautiful weather, we’re happy here, but nevertheless they feel that new ease as well.

C: Yes, this is what’s happening in the last few weeks.

E: Oh, good. I’m fascinated by this phrase, “the etheric plane.” Is there a way you can talk about that? Give us some kind of imagery of what that means? A plane where things are not physical but are highly important to our physical world and our emotional world?

C: The etheric plane is the intermediary plane between the physical plane and the astral plane. The astral plane is that realm where you go each night when you go to sleep, in your dreams. There is an energy plane that is a little bit denser than the astral plane but is not quite physical and that’s the etheric plane. This is the plane of energies where we have our energy body.  You can sense the energies with your hands. You can sometimes feel warm or cold energies passing through.  Most likely you are becoming more aware of the etheric plane. This is all around us. It is not on the physical but is on the little bit more rarified dimension, but it is all around us.

E: Where does emotional energy fit into that?

C: That’s the same as the astral.

E: Emotional energy has a physical component and that’s what I feel gets manipulated in humans. We are overly emotional or inappropriately emotional. We aren’t using our emotions in a way that serves us. It’s what has been captured on a certain level. When we are more balanced, our emotions are appropriate but when we are out of balance our emotions are out of control.

C: Yes. There is a strong connection between the emotions and the physical body–and also with our thought processes. The way we think, the food that we eat and our environment influence our emotions a lot–and the other way around as well.  It’s a like feedback system.

E: I feel the emotional arena is where we are manipulated the most. We are over- stimulated with imagery to the point where we lose our sense of who were are.

C: The Archons try to manipulate the emotions because this is the easiest way to manipulate human beings.  If the emotions are too excited, people cannot think clearly. To keep triggering the emotions all the time; people are always in reaction. Then they have no way to get clear thinking. This is how the Archons keep humans in slavery.

E: That’s historic. That’s how it has always been.

C: The last 25,000 years.

E: They got the key of how to do that. And kept using it. As people rise to a higher consciousness and this energy dissipates, then this factor will definitely be different.

C: When the last etheric layer of the Archons is removed, there will be huge amounts of positive energies descending to the earth’s atmosphere from beyond the veil into the quarantine, and it and will begin to balance and heal human emotions. Humans will begin to feel better in general. Despite the conditions on the surface, there will be a certain energy, which will begin to operate on human beings.

E: So this also will ease us into being more cooperative and more relaxed; if people will have to reorganize how their lives are working, they won’t feel so panicked.  Some of these changes that are so dramatic won’t come across as so destabilizing, they way the do now. We’ll be different people, in a sense, when that comes about.

C: Yes. But it can be very soon. If changes begin to happen now, they will be dramatic. If time is now; the time is now. I cannot say when or how balanced it will be. It is not yet determined.

E: What is your next threshold? You are opening portals in Japan in a few days?

C: Yes, we are opening portals in Japan and Taiwan.

E: Do you want to say what make those important and where they are and what they do?

C: The time has come to activate the portals in the Asia region. We were focusing on the United States and Europe in the past. And now it is time for Asia, because the change is coming from that region now. Some of the major events are originating from there.

E: Do these portals have particular names?

C: We have the Spring Equinox portal on March 21. We have the asteroid occultation, which will be very important for the deconstruction of the whole financial system. Certain energies will be released which will speed up the whole process of the deconstruction of the whole financial system on that date. Among other things.

E: That’s all pretty exciting. What general message do you feel is timely now for all of us that are tuning in?

C: I would say it is time for people to demand the breakthrough and to do whatever they can to make it happen.

E: Oh, good.

C: Start demanding free energy, demanding cures for humanity, demanding freedom and working in that direction actively, one way or the other. I think every person that is aware can do a little step in that direction. Use your creativity, use your imagination, use your skills and your talents in that direction. It’s time.

E: It’s time. Step up and do it, rather than talk about it.

C: And don’t wait for the Event. Start working on it.

E: That makes sense, too. That’s something to do with this energy that I feel in the whole field, of anticipation; take that and move it into a focus.

C: Yes. I have given many instructions; I have given many suggestions in the past. People can read my blog go through the texts and they can find many suggestions in there.  They, of course, can use their own imaginations and their own personal initiative to start triggering changes.

E: I like that. That’s a good wrap up.

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COBRA: Quarantine Earth Endgame

COBRA: 2012portal.blogspot.com

Monday, March 10, 2014

Quarantine Earth Endgame

It is safe now to release certain intel that will bring much clarity to the whole situation concerning the Event and the dynamic tension between the Light and the dark forces. Although this intel may be shocking for some people, time has come for people to know the truth because only when the truth is known can situations be resolved.

To completely understand the situation on this planet we need to go back to a specific period of the Galactic history when the dark forces were created. They chose Rigel star system in the Orion constellation as their main stronghold from where they controlled their galactic empire.

They soon discovered that taking hostages gave them the most efficient leverage against the Light forces because the Light forces cared about their people and have hindered their actions many times so that the Light beings that were taken hostage by the dark would not get hurt.

The dark forces have been developing their hostage leverage mechanisms and at the same time developing exotic weaponry technologies that were wreaking havoc across the Galaxy, destroying entire planets, erasing entire civilizations.

At a certain point, they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism. They demanded that the Source stop giving intel to the Ascended Masters and to the Galactic Confederation about the clandestine activities and plans of the dark forces or they threatened to destroy large sectors of the Galaxy.

Since then, the Light forces stopped receiving intel about a certain part of activities of the dark forces. This has created a cosmic energy split between Light and dark throughout all dimensions and was the beginning of duality. On the fifth dimension and above, darkness manifested simply as absence of intel and lack of understanding how to resolve the cosmic situation. From then on, certain races began to believe that darkness and suffering are a necessary ingredient of life experience, as night follows the day and day follows the night.

This allowed the dark forces to turn their Rigel stronghold into the first true quarantine where no Light could enter. The Ascended Beings did not receive intel about the activities going on Rigel and therefore could not send Light and Love to heal situations there. In secret, the dark forces have developed their most deadly weapon there, the strangelet bomb.

Strangelet bomb is a conglomerate of heavy quarks, called strange quarks:


When this conglomerate is put under extreme pressure and temperature it begins a chain reaction of changing ordinary matter into strange matter:


If such a chain reaction were not stopped, just one stangelet bomb could annihilate the whole known universe. Fortunately, the Light forces always had technology to drastically limit the radius of a strangelet bomb. Still, a strangelet bomb is a much more deadly weapon than a  thermonuclear bomb.

Through millions of years, the dark forces produced a few physical and quite many more etheric strangelet bombs and stored them on Rigel.

25,000 years ago they created their second quarantine stronghold on planet Earth and transported part of their strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry there. This weaponry was the real reason why the Galactic Confederation did not intervene during the Nazi holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions, Stalinist purges or the Rwanda genocide. At that time the Galactic Confederation did not know exactly what weaponry the dark had at their disposal; they only knew that if they intervened it could lead to disastrous consequences.

Throughout the 20th century, the Confederation has been removing obstacles to the First Contact one after the other until 1995 when they were ready to make their move. This triggered a red alert among the top Archons on Earth at that time and they decided to call in all remaining dark forces of the Galaxy to defend quarantine Earth. This resulted in the so-called Congo Archon invasion of 1996.

For a brief period of a few years, the dark forces managed to control most star systems in a radius of 1000 light years around planet Earth, except from Sirius star system. They have even managed to invade the Pleiadian star cluster in 1996 and this is what it looked like:



This was a great shock for the Pleiadian race as they had spent hundreds of thousands of years in peace before the invasion.

Rigelians have even taken a small number of Pleiadians hostage, transported them to Earth into deep military underground bases under Southwest and microchipped them. This is how it could actually look like in Dulce base somewhere in 1996 or 1997:


The Galactic Confederation liberated Pleiades in 1999 and the Resistance liberated Pleiadian captives from Dulce and other bases in 2001, but the Pleiadian race needed almost a decade to completely recover from shock and to be able to fully participate in the Galactic Confederation operations for the liberation of planet Earth.

In the time period between 1996 and 1999, all Rigelian strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry were transferred to planet Earth. The vast majority of the physical exotic weaponry was removed by the Resistance up until 2004, but a great portion of etheric exotic weaponry remained until very recently.

Among other exotic weapons I would mention physical antigravity scalar weapons. All of them were removed by 2004 and the Resistance will not allow any such weapons to be developed by military industrial complex ever again. The Resistance does however support the development of antigravity technology for peaceful purposes:


Since 1999, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Confederation and the Resistance Movement have been actively removing layers upon layers of exotic etheric technologies from quarantine Earth. Each time one layer is removed, the Ascended Master receives intel about the next layer from the Source. Then, Confederation and Resistance personnel remove that next etheric layer. This process was ongoing in the same way until a few weeks ago when a drastic breakthrough was made.

The Ascended Masters received intel from the Source about ALL remaining etheric dark forces and their technologies. This has effectively dissolved the basic foundation of the reality system of duality and removed the foundation of power of the top Archons on this planet. The insane reality of dark opposing the Light will soon collapse and then only Light will remain and all suffering will be gone forever. 

As of March 8th, 2014, only one last layer of etheric Archons and their exotic etheric weaponry remains. The vast majority of etheric Reptilians are gone and most of their technologies are gone. There only remains a small group of crazy Archons with their exotic etheric weapons. Whether they have strangelet bombs or something else is unclear as that intel is still withheld for security reasons. This is the only factor remaining that prevents the Event right now. How long will this layer last is also unclear for the same reasons.

On the physical plane, everything is ready for the Event. There is also a vast fleet of Confederation ships surrounding the Earth. There are about 5 billion cloaked physical ships positioned in the LEO region:


In addition to that, there are about 120 million cloaked physical Confederation ships in the region between the Karman line


and the Armstrong limit:


The number and strategic position of cloaked Confederation ships in the troposphere and on the surface of the planet remains highly classified for now.

When the first cracks appear in the last etheric defense layer of the Archons, events will then quickly follow. We can expect the following developments popping up in rapid succession, not necessarily in the same order:

-Disclosure of extremely advanced and efficient medicine technologies through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of Atlantis released through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations released through mass media, most likely from secret NSA files, by Snowden or any other whistleblower

-Fully functional free energy home units for sale through a public website

-Arrest or physical removal of the top members of the Cabal, released through mainstream media

-Worldwide financial Reset

-The Event.

To speed up the process, the Light forces have asked me to start “pressuring disclosure acupuncture points.” I will first press two of them.

First, I am in contact with a very strong positive group with substantial financial capability, production infrastructure and strategic plan to start mass production and bring affordable free energy devices to humanity. They are searching for inventors with working overunity devices that can be put into mass production fast. If there are inventors with personal integrity that put liberation of the planet before profit, are not afraid of the Cabal and have working overunity prototypes that are scalable and easily replicated, they can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com

Second, there is a certain project that involves the Resistance and the surface population. If there are any people who had physical contact with the Resistance or the Agartha network since 1996, they can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com

On the physical plane, the situation on the surface of the planet is slowly reaching its climax. The Cabal went too far and ultimatums have been issued by the Light forces. The Cabal needed a demonstration of a mild version of stardust technology and it was freely given:


Here I need to add that stardust cannot be used only to block, disable or off Cabal members, it can also be used to heal people. Stardust can heal most causes of chronic pain in 15 minutes. It is time people DEMAND this technology to be released to help bringing healing to humanity. There will be many other advanced healing technologies released soon and Positive Military in Egypt has made its first step in that direction, despite attempts to discredit them:


The existence of these devices was confirmed to me directly by Dragon sources and sources within White Nobility of Egypt.

People are finally becoming aware of the actions of Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Academi mercenaries in Ukraine that want to trick Ukraine and Russia into a military conflict:


One of the reasons is that Jesuits want to erase Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and replace it with Jesuit-friendly Greek Catholic Church:


The other reason is that Jesuits want to add Ukraine to the European Union, which is a Jesuit creation:


There are many groups with strong military capability that are becoming very angry with the Cabal. The Light forces cannot and will not hold them back any longer. These groups will most likely start removing members of the Cabal from the planet, if they haven’t already, and they will not wait for the mass arrest scenario and the Event. Here I need to add that only about 10% of Jesuits belong to the dark forces and many members of the Cabal are within the Illuminati network against their will so I would ask the aforementioned groups to use discernment in their Cabal removal operations.

One of those groups has communicated that if only one more person dies as a result of Blackwater/Academi mercenary actions in Ukraine, they will begin removing the mercenaries, and if this is not enough, they will begin removing top members of the Cabal one by one.

Another group has advised Putin that instead of resolving the Ukraine conflict militarily, he should send Spetsnaz agents to start removing members of the Cabal.

A mysterious “unknown benefactor” has approached certain mafia groups and they have sworn allegiance to him and turned their backs to their previous sponsors: the Illuminazi and the Jesuits.

There are at least two more groups ready for action and I will not name them specifically.

As Fulford said last week: “In the meantime watch as senior cabalists vanish one by one.”



[Slight editing by EW to correct grammar for easier reading. No content changed.]

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Blue Cosmic Storm

Sunday, March 18, 2018
in the Dreamspell Galactic Calendar carries this oracle:


I endure in order to catalyze
Transcending energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of abundance
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

“The Event” is the turning point. We do not know when it will happen, but current information suggests it is imminent. Our primary source, COBRA at portal2012.blogspot.com, has taken us through a seven-year commentary on this pivotal moment in the evolution of our planet. The gist of his message is that benevolent extra-terrestrial forces are approaching the fulfillment of a massive effort to clear the dark ruling energies from our planet. These dark forces also have extra-terrestrial support behind them. The liberation of our planet has consequences well beyond Earth. It is the last vestige of a centuries-old battle between the dark and the light for control of this galaxy.

The liberating force is the Galactic Confederation, largely made up of Pleiadian warriors in league with other advanced ET races. They regard this planet as a prison planet under the control of very demonic beings and their human minions. This history dates back 26,000 years and aligns with major galactic cycles noted by the Mayan time travelers who incarnated in the Yucatan and built a vast and mysterious scientific culture (400-900 CE).

One of their purposes was to leave the codes of the Mayan time cycles behind for the benefit of future generations. The famous 2012 end-date defined the energetic turning point from one great cycle to another. This was corroborated by astronomical information showing the patterns of our Milky Way Galaxy and our Earth’s orbital alignments. The Mayan calendar mathematics also revealed the fourth dimensional spiraling confluences of all physical forms, true secrets of creation. It is our destiny as humans to have this understanding and it is the mission of the Galactic Confederation to liberate the human race and allow Gaia to continue her evolution as well.

The oracle printed above from The Dreamspell created in 1990 by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles applies to the date March 18, 2018. The Dreamspell Book of Kin lays out 260 oracles for the sacred 13:20 frequency of fourth dimensional time. People who follow this count use these oracles as synchronic keys to unlock the deeper meaning of the patterns of days. We reject the “time is money” value of false time and a meaningless calendar of erratic months and join instead the higher frequency of “time is art” and an elegant calendar based on the 13:20 frequency of universal order.

Indeed, we who follow the 13:20 count consider that the usurpation of the natural timing calendar, which is deeply connected to the feminine principle, launched the beginning of the imprisonment of the planet. The root word of “calendar” is from the Latin kalendarium meaning “account book.” Humans were subject to a governance rooted in a scarcity-based money system supported by a calendar designed to calculate taxes. Meanwhile, the feminine principle embodying natural time in coherent cycles, unifying the human with the vast celestial universe and the intimate rhythms of nature, was disparaged, demeaned and demonized. The brutal patriarchy took hold for thousands and thousands of years.

There were many atrocities committed by the minions of the dark overlords of the planet, one of which was the sealing off of the planet through an embargo of all incoming information from the extra-terrestrial universe. To this day, information about ETs is trivialized and those who are attracted to it are marginalized, if not punished and assassinated. The biggest threat to the New World Order mindset is the truth that love rules the universe and manifests through pure harmonics of form. Revelations about these matters have been of necessity hidden and taught in secret societies, many of which were penetrated and corrupted. Centuries marched on and oppression deepened and spread, fueled by technologies that perpetuated enslavement and by the corruption of virtually every social organization on the planet. Hopelessness and despair were embedded in the human psyche as war, horror, disease and endemic injustice took their relentless toll. The goal of our overlords was to keep us hating and fighting each other in a perpetual motion machine of reaction and revenge. We are living in a moment now when all of history is being revealed as psychotic madness, where the bubbles of enlightenment that occasionally glimmer in the darkness are quickly destroyed and where the entire human race suffers from post-traumatic stress.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the truth of time is larger than all the lies of the time-is-money system. The great cycles defined by the Mayans are inexorable and exist realms of their own with immutable laws. We are on the threshold of a new era of emancipation from the cycle of our captivity. The galaxy is curing itself of the disease that infected it. The destiny of Gaia and the human species is harmony and healing and this is unequivocally supported by all conscious life in the galaxy. They are here and they are with us. They are us.

The turning point will be very specific and very dramatic. If it is not March 18, Blue Cosmic Storm, it will be another day, just as auspicious. Some recent psychic information has echoed the word “March” enough to make it worthwhile to take notice. These things are governed in realms beyond our comprehension but we each have our own connection to these realms when we take a break from the all-consuming time-is-money world. A new Earth is being born and if we know about it, we are part of it. Our minds and our intentions are the strongest powers we have and our unified mind is our ultimate superpower. The more we imagine a liberated, joyous planet, the closer we bring it into manifestation. A call went out to join Gaia as she herself was ready to assume a vast new consciousness within the galactic whole. You heard it. You are here. It’s our time.

Written by Elizabeth Whitney, Blue Solar Eagle
March 10, 2018 – Blue Overtone Monkey
Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed


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Destiny Rides Again

Whatever comes next in this mondo-bizarro political world, you and I are still here. That’s all you need to know.

I’m addicted to reading everything I can on the subject of the Awful Unexpected Event. The point about Trump I have yet to hear anyone say is that he has no love of nature along with no love for his fellow suffering beings. No apparent love for the sensual delights of nature and all love for man-made things instead. Yuck.

But the fixation on Trump is the distraction, and I am getting annoyed at the fixation on him. Hello, media, look over here. Deep in heart of the dark blue states we’re cooking up the Second American Civil War.

It’s wide-spread rebellion and non-cooperation time. The foot soldiers of non-violent civil disobedience are organizing as we speak. Standing Rock is the spear in the sand. The artists are boycotting–they aren’t for sale anymore. The women are marching. The Eco-Warriors are coming to the fore. Anonymous is lurking around. Wait till the Galactic radical art Burning Man set shows up.

Everybody with a soul and a love of the Earth is on one side and a handful of billionaires, their sycophants and a bunch of brain-washed rednecks are on the other. We have to save the Earth from Trump’s rapists for their sake, too. His voters were susceptible to the medicine show/revival meeting hypnosis by the Bad Shepherd. We don’t need to deal with the sheep, just replace the bad shepherd.

It’s game on, show up time. We come as healers, not killers. We come to liberate the planet from the dark forces that control it and restore the reign of nature. It’s our destiny

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It’s Alright, Ma (It’s Only an Election)


Many people are finding this election unbearable and its rituals unwatchable, but I find it compelling. Something is truly happening here, Mr. and Ms. Jones. The personalities of the presidential candidates have been analyzed to death, but the underlying forces that have thrust them into the limelight are ignored. While Trump is a very colorful character attracting endless attention, he is a projection of a much larger phenomenon—as is Hillary Clinton.

The phenomenon of Trump is the business model of success. The successful businessman model is a function of the money system, which is a function of materialism itself. It is a false model of a false system of false materialism. The heart of the falsehood is scarcity consciousness. The root problem is not greed. The creation of a money system, founded in scarcity, set the greed force loose.

Now we a have person in the public spotlight who exemplifies the dynamic of money in full cartoon Technicolor. Money is the measure of everything in his life. Currently he is riding on the biggest deal of his life: buying the presidency of the United States. He got there because he bought in, big time, when he saw an opening: no charismatic figure in the field of his opponents.

When he says that he got more votes in the primaries than any other Republican in history, 13 million votes, he didn’t mention that 16 million Republican voters voted against him. Trump was perceptive enough to see that the field was scattered and weak and he could overrun them, pretty much his standard operating procedure. It’s good business.

The business model states that wealth equals power. In a man like Trump, we see that nothing else has modulated his personality. He has no spiritual values, no religious practices, no reverence for anything in the natural world, no appreciation for transcendent creative expressions of humanity, no humility, no emotional depth. He eats crappy food and doesn’t even have a pet. He lives and breathes making money. If he got elected, which he won’t, he would be the first Scrooge to live in the White House.

Fate and destiny have everything to do with this election. There are huge waves of energy moving through our planet reaching tipping points of transformation. These are inexorable forces that represent culminations of cycles, the records of which are literally set in stone throughout the planet. All of nature bows to these cycles. As much as any human being turns his or her back on the man-made industrial world, he or she will tune into the deep truths of the natural world, truths that resonate in each individual.

Materialism has the word for “mother” within it. The physical world is deeply identified with the feminine principle in all its implications, but primarily as mother. Long ago, this was well understood in human culture, where the feminine was revered as a sacred mystery deeply connected to the cosmos. She was abundance personified, a force to be reckoned with. The female elders anchored the wisdom of the tribe by connecting the human world to the cosmic dimension. Her body measured the pulse of time; the moon was her symbol and 13 was her sacred number.

All this was destroyed. The planet ultimately became a prison planet ruled by a calendar that measured taxation. The word calendar comes from “calends,” the first day of the 12 Roman months, when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned. The false materialism of money, scarcity, greed and power through intimidation set in and history came into being. A great imbalance between the male and the female was institutionalized and played out in the destruction of nature.

This is the framework of the election drama going on before us today. Whether you admire the female who has shown up at this moment in time to challenge the false power of materialism or not is less important than seeing what she symbolizes. After her will come many more because the cycles have spoken. Gradually we will learn that what governs us is not control and punishment, not the power of time equals money and not competition for scarcity. We will break free from the false order to discover our own perfection reflected in the perfection of the cosmic order. This is the fate and destiny of this planet.

You can vote for that.

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Living in Reactionary Times

We are living in reactionary times and it’s not going to get easier. This is a cycle we have to live through, as horribly as it manifests. We can’t prevent it and we can’t control it—not you and I in our small personal worlds. The events of our times reverberate like a volcanic explosion of suppressed heat or an avalanche of latent energy responding to the tipping point of the last snowflake. The uprisings of our political news have not come out of nowhere to go nowhere.

Every disruption has an internal integrity. We can choose to identify with the elements of chaos or with the process by which chaos re-orders the foundations of reality. We each have our own way of seeing and participating in these disruptions, which sometimes seem personal and sometimes very impersonal. That’s where we have control. To enter the fray or not enter the fray—that is our choice.

The world of cell phone cameras now shows us upsetting events as they happen, followed by almost immediate reaction to those outrages. The speeding up of time conditioned by the electronic age does not give much opportunity for reflection. Action insists on reaction. Emotions are fast and furious—and the trauma is intensified. Post-traumatic stress is becoming the new norm. This does not bode well.

The tyranny of war and injustice and brutality has been the conditioned reality of this planet for thousands of years. As without, so within. Our oppressed psyches are volcanoes and avalanches-in-waiting. We sense the depths of the imbalance of our world and we are hungry for transformation. The question is, what kind of food will satisfy the hunger?

It comes down to all the old familiar existential questions of ordinary times, questions that are addressed in teachings that are ancient and universal. The true story of who we are and how this all came to pass has been hidden from us by our oppressors, but great spiritual teachers have consistently revealed pathways through this veil of obfuscation. The laws of man cannot override the universal laws of love. One of those is that truth is ever-present. Ask and it shall be revealed. In a state of humility, a sincere question will receive an answer.

Finding an inner place of composure is how to survive in reactionary times. That’s the place of soul nourishment that puts us in tune with time, which is where synchronicity takes place. We control that. We control being where we are meant to be and who we are meant to meet and what opportunities we can work with for the transformation we desire. In the right environment, emotions find their proper role, which is to guide us to compassion and connection with others—no matter how they behave. It’s what people mean by “leading from the heart.”

Reactionary times can be uplifting and heartfelt times. The choice is ours.


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Prepare for Change!

Prepare for Change:

Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!

flyer image            What’s that flying saucer doing there?

That’s the great taboo subject of all time. It’s probably why you came.

[image without the UFO] Somehow this doesn’t have the same impact…

We have been taught to ridicule the idea of extraterrestrial involvement in the planet’s history and powerful disinformation programming has promoted alien invasion as humanity’s worst nightmare.

But you are here and we are here…so maybe something else is going on.

Opening the door on this subject is entering a vast territory that is, in fact, endless. Each path leads to fields of discovery and conjecture that could consume us for days if not years. The struggle from this side of the table is to keep the subject that needs to be contained for the evening from exploding in all directions.

You’ll have your chance after the break to ask a million questions, I promise.

Let’s go back to our words: Prepare for Change: Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!

We are here to prepare you…meaning we feel compelled to offer some information that will hopefully be helpful because we are convinced that dramatic changes are in the works.

The anticipated changes that have been described by our sources are so radical and so unprecedented that how they will impact each of us can’t be described. But we hope that by beginning to imagine them, you will be in a better frame of mind when the events occur.

So, what are the events? Our source calls it the Event, with a capital E.

Think earthquake. An earthquake happens when a tipping point of pressure occurs and everything releases. Someone once explained earthquakes to me as “like breaking a pencil in half.” The earthquake occurs when it snaps, but all the pressure that leads up to it is part of it, too.

Here on planet Earth, we have been experiencing thousands of years of pressure building up to a release of energy. It is getting close to the breaking point. Today, we routinely use language suggesting that the very elements of our survival are under threat: that our water, air, soil, atmosphere, biosphere, plant life, weather and so on are at critical levels of depletion.

Through our communication technologies, we have also witnessed geo-political activities in parts of the world that we will never visit but come home to us through words and images. These vivid reports suggest that there is a rising tide of outrage that is producing highly disturbing levels of violence.

These episodes seem to inspire further episodes as they brew and erupt and destabilize whole areas of nations and cities within nations, such as we just witnessed in America.

In individual human psyches we are also seeing much distress. Modern culture is a culture of reaction to this state of intense dis-ease. We are not happy and relaxed and hopeful.

This is the context in which to drop our radical news: positive planetary transformation is coming.

It is coming because a huge new truth is about to be revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt. WE ARE NOT ALONE. We have never been alone. Our planet floats in a sea of cosmic awareness.

It is as if one of the cells in our body thought it was all alone trying to fight off an infection or the effects of an injury. In reality, the whole system knows that something is going on and participates.

I recently had a microscopic splinter in my heel. Every time I walked I got an electric pain as if I were stepping on a tiny piece of glass.

It seriously affected walking so I had to deal with it. It was in an awkward place to reach—I had to twist myself all around to see the bottom of my foot. I finally managed to poke and squeeze it and when it came out it was tiny! About the size of a strand of hair and this small. I knew it was out and my whole body relaxed.

Talk about cosmic consciousness!

The distress on this planet—this cell in the body of an infinite organism—is disturbing the whole local universe.

This sweet little planet is infected with a very dire disease and it has called in the consciousness of the universe to cure it. The ETs are the manifestation of the cosmic consciousness, which is LOVE—I know you’ve heard that before.

The sickness that will be cured was an attack on LOVE that got its hold on our planet thousands of years ago and fortified itself with a variety of super technologies we can barely imagine or comprehend. This departure from the divine plan was always doomed and now that moment of truth is upon us.

This is a big concept.

1.) The planet we call home has been a hostage of the dark forces for 26,000 years.

2.) The travails on Earth right now are the last stages of eons of galactic wars between renegade dark forces and Light warriors.

3.) The turning point identified by the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012—was the energetic moment when the tide changed from negative to positive.

4.) The defeat of the dark has already occurred on the non-physical planes.

5.) We are living out the agony of the death throes of their rule, but shortly we will see the triumph of the Light and the liberation of the planet on the physical plane.

6.) Victory is guaranteed.

Take heart. Everything that you know to be wrong IS wrong. The denial of what is wrong is yet another wrong.

Rampant cancer is wrong. Rampant autism is wrong. Modified food is wrong. Massive feedlots and pig factories are wrong. Excessive standardized testing of children is wrong. Guns everywhere is wrong. Cameras everywhere is wrong. Jails and punishment are wrong. Border guards are wrong. Inequality of income is wrong. Paving over paradise is wrong. Homelessness is wrong. The high price of higher education is wrong. The brazen business of housing speculation is wrong. The profit motive way of life is wrong. Television everywhere you look is wrong. The saturation of violence in the media is wrong.

The degradation of women is wrong. The very foundation of geo-politics—the control of resources for profit—is wrong. War is wrong. Competition as a foundation of reality is wrong. The adoration of technology is wrong.

The turning away from nature and its replacement with a fixation on man-made products is wrong. The corruption of creativity to serve consumerism is wrong. Money itself—ultimately—is wrong.

Money is the driving force of sexual slavery, of pornography, of addiction, of most violence and crime, of the abuse of one social class against another—including racism—and of institutionalized inequality. Through the global system of money, all material objects are controlled. Money is what organizes organized crime. Money is the organization of scarcity while nature and its laws organize abundance. I’m going to repeat that. Money is the organization of scarcity while nature and its laws organize abundance.

All those terrible wrongs are rooted in one simple reality: the human species on this planet is not free. Forces that are unnatural and violate the laws of the divine order control us.

The change that is coming is simply this: LIBERATION.

The dissolution of the prison is the redemption of the human race—and it is our star brothers and sisters who are going to help us pull this off.

How is this going to happen?

A combined force of resistance fighters with extra-terrestrial allies and loyal humanists within the power structures of the military, the intelligence community, the media and the technology sector have been working on this for decades—basically since the end of World War II.

Over these years their progress has activated assistance from the great Galactic Confederation of Light Warriors who are adding their extremely advanced technologies to the equation.

Their technologies include the ability to disable weaponry, to penetrate all computer networks, to bring the global financial system to its knees, to disarm nuclear devices, to reverse much of the environmental damage caused by man-made activities—including radiation—and to dissolve the implants within every human being that allow the dark forces us to control us with programming technology.

In other words, forces we are not even aware of that occupy a plane of existence that our senses don’t perceive or comprehend are conducting the battle for soul of the planet. Yes, Virginia, there is Armageddon: the final battle of Light and Dark, and it is happening now. It is happening internally in each human being’s unconscious and reflected externally in the geo-political machinations we hear about in our news.

On the dark side, forces can manipulate our minds without our permission and distort our view of reality. We call this mental illness. On the Light side, liberating forces can reconnect us to our divine source in ways that completely erase our emotional history of fear and trauma and restore us to wholeness and sanity.

The challenge here is believing what we don’t see.

The only metaphor I can offer here is a memory you might have of a positive psychedelic trip—the famous acid truth—or some blessed experience of pure bliss that temporarily saturated your being. The birth of a baby. Falling in love. A near-death experience. The safe return of a missing child. Escape from death. A mystic experience out of nowhere. These are examples you might have had in your life that temporarily reconnected you to your source.

We call this seeing through the veil—the artificial barrier that currently keeps humans on this planet bound and shackled to a prison reality. Some of us just happen to occupy better quarters in the prison. I might think I live in paradise out in beautiful Point Reyes but that is just an illusion.

I may have the penthouse suite, but beneath my feet, somewhere in some dark region of the planet, other human souls, who are also aspects of me, are being ground into desperation in conditions cruel beyond imagining. Until the prison is dissolved into nothingness, no one is free.

The conscious universe cares about us, and that is why the time of our emancipation is approaching. It is a well thought-out campaign that sounds like a military action plan, but has a significantly different rationale. The intention is to liberate the planet by disabling the technology that imprisons it and arresting the perpetrators. We are promised the arrest of the brain trust of the evil empire, frequently referred to as the Cabal or Illuminati.

A few of these are high profile figures, such as George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld and other New World Order types, but most are people whose names mean nothing to us. They are heads of dynasty clans who have ruled the banking system and managed geo-political maneuvering for centuries from power centers such as the Vatican.

The moment of the Event—accompanied by the arrest of these figures—will also announce a temporary shutdown of the banking system. This is the most dramatic news that will affect everyone and be a sign that something absolutely huge has taken place.

The media will carry the news, along with reassurances that things will temporarily be inconvenient but there is no reason to panic. That’s why we are here: to spread the word that this Event is not a takeover by the evil forces as you have been programmed to believe—simply a pause and reset—for, of all things, the better.

After the reset, the money system will not be in the hands of the banking Cabal of the Rothschilds. A new currency system will come on line in a week or two and there will no longer be debt as we know it now. There will no longer be a private Federal Reserve running this county with fiat currency. There will no longer be a stock market—or any other exchange market—rigged to manipulate pricing to the advantage of the 1%.

A new global currency system will be launched based on gold reserves and material resources that cannot be manipulated by the Cabal. The foundation of this is being laid as we speak in activities such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that is being developed outside of the Rothschild central banks. These are clues that a new global financial system is in the works.

Other good news will come shortly after the reset: prosperity programs, debt jubilees, release of suppressed free energy technologies, immediate redirection of resources toward critical survival situations on the planet and the launching of healing centers to address the impacts of implants and restore individual humans to wholeness.

And, finally, when the time is ripe, disclosure of the presence of extra-terrestrial beings throughout the history of the planet will begin. We will learn our true galactic history. We will be introduced to benevolent extra-terrestrial beings in humanoid forms who will work with us as mentors and guides to heal the wounds of 26,000 years of abuse both to the planet and to our species.

Advanced ET technology will address most of the issues of pollution and reverse their impacts. It will replace fossil fuel technology with the technology of magnetism and light. It will inform healing centers throughout the planet and reverse virtually all disease and many issues related to ageing. It will open up the opportunities of space travel to other planetary systems to anyone so inclined.

As our implants are dissolved and our emotions healed from the psychological wounds of centuries of trauma, a new human being will evolve. These are our children and grandchildren, coming of age in a world with a brand new destiny. We see clues of them in today’s star children who show up already enlightened and wise beyond their years.

Everyone in this room was born to be a part of this marvelous turning point on planet Earth, a planet that is undergoing an unprecedented transformation being witnessed and supported by billions of beings in this galaxy. There are millions of space ships in orbit around the Earth right now, cloaked at this time, but gradually being revealed.

Crop circles and signs in the sky are the signals being given, the hints that consciousness is everywhere and is by nature benevolent. This moment in time is when we need to put our attention there, not at the horrors that are overemphasized by the Cabal-controlled media. We are meant to look with compassion at the suffering we observe but not become embroiled in despair and hatred. We can help with our actions and our thoughts without judgment. We can join prayer circles and meditations re-enforcing the highest ideals of love and forgiveness and become players in the transformation that is inevitable.

Our positive energy is a huge field that will support the Resistance Movement and the Light Warriors of the Galactic Confederation. If we commit to fully engage ourselves we will find our unique part in this unimaginable drama. There will be opportunities galore. Everyone matters.

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