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When the Puppy Got Loose in the Meditation Hall…

the stillness was shattered and everyone immediately got enlightened.  It was just that simple, really.      Some people thought maybe the puppy was Avolokitesvara or Padmasambaba or even the mighty Maitreya Buddha, but he was just an ordinary puppy.  By … Continue reading

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The Beginning or the End Times?

      These are times that have no precedent and figuring out what is going on—and what is going to happen next—is a free-for-all guessing game. The political truths of the day are conveyed by documentaries that confront us with … Continue reading

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2012: What’s in a Number?

     That numbers have mysterious powers has been known for a long, long time.  All of the esoteric teachings are drenched in numbers—consider the Kabbalah, the Tarot, the Book of Revelation, the I Ching, Pythagoras, the Egyptian mysteries, secret … Continue reading

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