First Contact…

            Imagine this. You step out of the Palace Market one evening around sunset, glance up at the western horizon and the Inverness Ridge and see the sky start to fill with pulsing, luminous, jellyfish-like flying objects. Silently they move in a stately procession across the sky. This lasts for many minutes and people indoors are summoned to come out and stare.

            You look around and see your friends’ and neighbors’ faces bathed in the strange light from these objects. Everyone is transported to a state beyond amazement.

            OK, that’s a fantasy…although, literally, it is a prediction I have come across in my research. Some serious people think an event like this is going to happen, all part of the End-of-Cycle show scheduled for anytime between now and 2012.

            They describe these light ships as manifestations from the etheric planes that will be reconfigured at a vibration that makes them temporarily visible on the physical dimension…a contact from loving space beings in response to our planetary crisis.

            “Real” or not, images like these, even in our imaginations, touch an archetypal place in us, the longing to know that we are not lost but found, not abandoned to our own misfortune but protected in an embrace of strong, wiser guides and protectors.

            In fact, it is said that a heartfelt desire for such communication is what magnetizes the contact. If that’s true, liberating the desire is one way to be a player in these strange and unpredictable times.


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