Over the Rainbow, Under the Moon

Over the Rainbow, Under the Moon

If the premise is that we are living in the last stages of a dying age, then where do we put our attention? Commiserating over what went wrong in the past has limited value. Should we remember our negative history? What does it mean to create memorials to war and tragedy? Why should we fly the banner “never forget” over the atrocities of our history? What would it be like instead to forgive our history—forgive and forget? As individuals, we are counseled to move on past the traumas of our lives to liberate the energy tied up in the memories and emotions. As groups of individuals, we re-enforce our identity through those memories. What kind of energy is stuck in those thoughts and what would our reality be like if it were released?

The radical edge of the 2012 discussion is not what the correct interpretation of the Mayan calendar is or who has the authority to discuss it, but the proposition that we are on the threshold of a categorical shift in realities. A categorical shift in realities is equivalent to waking up from a vivid dream, opening our eyes and gradually accepting the waking world as real and the dream world as not real. At the other end of the spectrum is falling asleep to the physical world and entering the dream world that is also experienced as exceedingly real. Some unique humans are able to move consciously back and forth between those two realms, transcending their distinctions and weaving them together in a yet third reality.  These humans in many interesting ways point us toward an evolutionary path of exploration beyond the limits of either/or. They suggest that something else is going on and seek to open our mind up with expansive thoughts about who, where, what and why we are.

Jose Arguelles, in a series of books called Cosmic History Chronicles, presents ideas of an emerging new reality and the initiation of a new cycle of human evolution. He says this in the introductory chapter of vol. 5 (2009), “The Book of the Timespace”:

When the homeostasis, which keeps everything in balance, is sufficiently disturbed, disruption or disorder occurs and the Earth enters a new timespace. The present Earth is in its last stages of the sixth day of creation.  At this stage, the Earth is a timespace capsule enveloped in the 12:60 machine frequency where money is the ruling force. The whole Earth is encapsulated in this machine frequency brought forth by human free will.

As the timespace shifts, some people work to unify and hold the balance, while others, out of self-interest, aid the disruptive forces in an attempt to halt the new world coming into being.  The polarization between the two is the law of the system and only seeks to further the Plan. Within the Divine Plan, each individual has sealed in his/her heart a special duty to fulfill on behalf of the whole system. Many fulfill this unconsciously, while others choose to consciously fulfill it.

Admittedly, that’s a mouthful to digest, but it gives us the flavor of a very expansive whole systems view of yet another reality we abide within. These are the key understandings:

1.) There are distinct stages of creation. Disruption of the homeostasis, or balance, precedes a shift in stages of creation.

2.) We are coming to the end of the sixth stage. That means this process of categorical shift has occurred in various ways five times before. Stages of creation are therefore normal.

3.) We are in a stage conditioned by the machine frequency 12:60, ruled by money. It’s almost over. Earlier he stated: “The time of the 12:60 frequency represents an initiation of harmony through conflict—conflict with self and conflict with nature. At it’s root, this conflict was brought about and confirmed by an error in time.”

4.) Using our free will, we made an error (changed our consciousness of time from joining the harmonious natural rhythms to being ruled by a man-made artificial timing frequency). It created conflict as a state of reality. We struggle within that conflict to find harmony, creating a constant and escalating polarization. Even that is within the Divine Plan!

5.) Each of us has a mission on behalf of the whole. Some of us are aware of it and some of us are not.

To continue with Arguelles’ answers to the who, where, what, why and when questions…

This 12:60 frequency creates the dissonance and ultimately a breaking of the homeostasis. If not curbed, it will result in a catastrophe (from the human point of view). However, even human disorder is a function of a higher order.

Tipping the homeostatic balance in 2012 will trigger a pause in time, the time quake, when a massive timespace adjustment occurs, emanating from the tail of the magnetosphere. From that timespace adjustment comes the creation of the next timespace or the next Earth for that timespace, the seventh Earth, the Earth of the Seventh Day of Creation.

The Earth is currently passing out of a beam that is 5,125 years in diameter. The shift in timespace comes about once the Earth and its solar system are synchronized within the larger galactic community. This is the point of Galactic Synchronization of the Galactic Seed, July 26, 2013.

From this information, two more key points:

6.) The bad news: We are building to a crescendo of destabilization in 2012—a mysterious event of timespace adjustment that Arguelles calls a “time quake.”

7.) The good news: July 26, 2013 (Yellow Galactic Seed) ends the 5125 cycle defined by conflict and the error in time and returns the Earth into harmony with the galactic whole and launches a new stage of creation.

There’s more—much more!—but that is the bare bones thesis that distinguishes Jose Arguelles’ approach to the subject of the Mayan calendar and culture from everyone else. I offer it here not so much to advocate for it as to expose you to the kind of thinking that lifts and expands our view of reality.  We use the phrase “food for thought” but how often is there fresh new food on our thought table, not the same old leftovers? We can’t know what will happen to us on December 21, 2012, until we are living it, but right now we can imagine possibilities that are either encouraging or discouraging. If we are discouraged, we live contracted, grumpy lives. If we are entranced and encouraged, we live sparkling, imaginative lives. We attract and affect the people we circulate among based on the quality of our essential spirit. Thinking vast thoughts about the nature of reality and what’s up with the Divine Plan may not be our cup of tea, but sooner or later we live our everyday life from fundamental conclusions we have drawn about these matters. It seems to help to have an expansive view of the possibilities of existence and, if nothing else, at least admit we don’t know what’s going on rather than deciding it’s all going down the drain.

What we think about the situation we find ourselves in has very much to do with how it resolves. Our thoughts are entwined with emotions and our emotions radiate a lot of energy. Studies now show how all this works in the brain and the nervous system.  We are energy transmitters and what we transmit radiates outward, affecting many situations around us. The martial arts disciplines of the Asian cultures are anchored in this premise. The emphasis in training that martial arts students enter for years and years of their lives is every bit about training the inner being as the outer body. If your role is to enter situations of conflict and protect a victim or subdue an attacker, then having a calm and confident inner state is essential. If you find yourself embroiled in a conflict, then your skill has as much to do with keeping your mind clear and alert as any technique you have learned. These arts have lineages that go back many centuries and are interwoven with spiritual disciplines as well. The knowledge that we are energy beings with great internal powers is not new on this planet, but in this time of disruption of homeostasis, it will become more and more important to bring this knowledge to the forefront of collective awareness.

The individuals who have core inner strength will be able to rise above the chaos however it shows up, and groups of these individuals will be able to cooperate in ways that will seem almost magical. The ability to know what to do and when to do it will not come from the hierarchal power formula of our present social system, but from being deeply tuned in to the energy of the moment. Right now, we barely know that the patterns and weavings of all the forces that we can imagine, from the elemental to the ultra subtle, are coordinated by a universal order that governs everything. We will never be able to plot this order on a master computer or anything like that, but we can simply rest in its embrace. Mythically, this is described by metaphors like Spiderwoman weaving her web or the Three Fates spinning the strands of our lives. The drama of life, which formed the foundation of drama itself in the Greek plays, revolves around how we function in the larger context of pre-existing forces that serve up the unexpected. We are told by some authority figures that we cause these forces by our behavior, but it is more accurate, I believe, to understand that we cause our outcomes by how we receive these forces.

In some cases, they serve up synchronicities that present moral dilemmas requiring agonizing choices. In others, they elicit instant reactions with huge consequences. If we operate under the delusion that someday these events won’t come around because we do this or that or join this or that belief system, we will probably be even more unprepared for the reality of yet another involvement with the uninvited unexpected. Just as there will always be waves of different sizes breaking on the shore and always be wind and always be weather and always be fire somewhere and always be too much or not enough rain somewhere…there will always be human drama and its myriad consequences. What can change, however, is our own ability to be masters of change rather than victims of change.

The evolution of our humanity is destined toward this mastery. Along with it comes our ability to work as highly functioning groups of masters, creating a powerful new definition of government that includes cooperation with the great forces of fate. We’ve never seen this before except by isolated wizard rulers here and there. What’s in store for us in the shift of the ages is the reality of conscious cooperation with the grand design for our planet and our solar system and our galaxy, all of which are embodiments of consciousness with destinies as well. We aren’t little ants running around in tunnels only aware of our ant survival. We are antennas for a much more expansive awareness of the purposes of creation—purposes that far exceed our most outrageous imaginings. We can hear the call of the cosmic dance now by entertaining these thoughts and noticing what shifts inside us. As holograms of the whole enchilada, we are everything that is. All the mystical paths point the same direction and all the prophesies describe a time when the “scales fall from the eyes” and we see who we really are. The desire to experience a vision beyond the conditioned reality activates the process—even a healthy curiosity flavored by skepticism is enough to shift our attention to the world beyond this world.

The simple act of living in a natural timing frequency, available to anyone willing to make a small effort of discipline, is a categorical shift in perspective. Those of us who have used the 13 Moon Calendar for our framework of organization in a regular way for a few years find ourselves able to navigate in time as an alternative to being driven by the time-is-money mentality. Communities who live together and work with the patterning that comes from the 13 master number take the system to a powerful level of functionality. Time is the fourth dimensional organization mechanism. Time travel is not going back and forth in linear historical time. Time travel is entering a consciousness that awakens a vast new awareness that is all encompassing, where we perceive what actually animates our physical selves. We have bodies and egos and personal histories, but we are not our bodies, egos and personal histories. We are something far more than that. The true adventure of being alive is finding out what that is.


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