The Beginning or the End Times?

      These are times that have no precedent and figuring out what is going on—and what is going to happen next—is a free-for-all guessing game. The political truths of the day are conveyed by documentaries that confront us with the realities of our current dire situation.  One after another, these works of artists/journalists have sidestepped the mainstream media and laid out what our political leaders have done and are doing and what the consequences are.  

       Yes, we are in a mess on planet Earth.  While a political solution is not going to save us per se, the activism of politics is essential to energizing that which is going to save us.  What is in store for us is a course-correction from a suicidal path to an evolutionary ascension to a wiser state of being—and the true New Age.  It is going to happen through interaction with higher dimensions.

       “Interaction with higher dimensions” might strike you as UFO terminology, but it simply means that humanity is climbing another rung of the evolutionary ladder.  As we take our next step up, we can see more clearly what realm we are entering and its relationship to the one we are leaving behind. From this perspective we are also able to receive information—and loving guidance—from what lies beyond the horizon.

        We are all familiar with the relationship of teachers to students, and teachers who themselves are students of other teachers, and so on—a timeless hierarchy applicable in every field of human endeavor.  On the highest planes—where the ladder meets the sky, you might say—the Master-student relationship is responsible for the transmission of new information into the human sphere. Knowledge about what is really going on is revelation—it is revealed from Masters who communicate to humans who are capable of receiving their transmissions.  In most cases these humans have evolved their sensitivities as receiving stations through deep disciplines of meditation and prayer.  We know these people; they are among us in flesh and blood.  They have surrendered themselves to service to humanity—one of the rungs of the evolutionary ladder.

        Our Holy Books are transcriptions of words that are revealed through Teachers like Jesus and Lao Tzu and Mohammad and Buddha and many others.  Such spiritual writings are timeless; they address the nature of the soul.  They appeared in their time against the backdrop of history: wars, social injustice, rising and falling of power centers, famine and drought, just like our time.  The difference is that only in our time has the survival of the planet been at stake. Thus, the teachings that are coming now have a unique flavor.

       There is urgency now on the spiritual front and also the clarification of many prophetic themes that were vaguely spoken in the past.  On one hand we may think our current crisis is due to the wrong-headedness of our contemporary politics and economics but on the other hand it may be that the destiny of humanity requires us to exhaust all false ideas in order to have nowhere to go but up the ladder.

       Some people think this ascension business implies escapism, which is another false idea.  That’s where political activism comes in.  The root of activism is faith in saving the planet and willingness to try.  The urgency and commitment of human beings to correct their mistakes and humbly accept new knowledge is what creates the conduit for the transmissions.

       From the perspective of the evolution of consciousness—human’s moral intelligence—the history of humanity is ever-rising.  In this model, consciousness floats above all the goings-on of the material world’s power struggles, not attached to any individual but available to everyone who seeks it.  The young, particularly, are attracted to this search because it holds the guarantee of their future.

      The solutions longed for by all humanity are imminent in this model.  The salvation of the planet and the biosphere is imminent.  The promises of Jesus and the Vedas and the Star Beings and all the other wise ones are about to come true. The doors of perception blasted open by hallucinogenic plants throughout history are about to be open for good.  The Great Teacher of the Age of Aquarius —also known as the Christ, “the anointed”—is incarnated and working with many other Masters now also incarnated. The turning point of 2012 and the Galactic Synchronization of 2013, revealed in the codes of the Mayan calendar, are real.  We are diving toward the X in the infinity symbol, where things cross over.

      So how does all this translate to you and me looking at the staggering challenges that face us simply to survive?  We each need to find the sources of courage and optimism that transcend our difficulties.  We each need to find our piece of the big picture—the unique place where we can work for the benefit of others and become devoted to the possible instead of overwhelmed by the impossible.  One of the requirements of realizing the New Age is that we create synergy—effort coming together.  This sets up an amplification wave that feeds back and forth from the whole into the individual.  That is how we will experience miraculous change, how the impossible becomes possible.

     Fundamentally, the task is simple.  Open your heart to the good news, open your mind to new information, get involved with your fellow human beings in an optimistic way and, when in doubt, ask for help.  This translates beautifully into local activism, for example.  It also translates into going out into the world and finding the larger streams of activism and information.  Look around you: politics is coming alive again with fresh energy and resolve.  Or, stay home and plunge into the Internet to research the multitude of positive discoveries that address our health, pollution, energy and environmental challenges.

     These are the beginning times and the end times and a great time to be alive, awake and involved.  










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