2012: What’s in a Number?

     That numbers have mysterious powers has been known for a long, long time.  All of the esoteric teachings are drenched in numbers—consider the Kabbalah, the Tarot, the Book of Revelation, the I Ching, Pythagoras, the Egyptian mysteries, secret codes in the Bible and the Koran and many other ancient sciences of consciousness.  Numbers are not just for counting; numbers are codes that reveal information that cannot be transmitted in any other way.

        The mysterious and mystical Mayans played with numbers, too, and engraved a fourth-dimensional science of numbers in the language of a calendar carved in stone.  We only decoded their notations in the 1950s, some 1300 years after the zenith of their civilization. The beginning date of the Mayan calendar is the year 3113 B.C. and the end date when their count stops is the year 2012—why that’s just around the corner.

      What does this all mean? There are plenty of theories out there, but I will use the writings and teachings of Jose Arguelles as my source and recommend to the curious looking into his body of work in print and on the Internet. Arguelles explains that 2012 is the end of the “cycle of history,” and July 26, 2013 is the formal beginning of a new great epoch that will re-integrate our misguided planet into the harmonic whole of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

      So when people ask the question, “Is 2012 the end of the world?” in a sense the answer is yes.  It is the end of the illusion of a world separate from cosmic wholeness, a world governed through domination of nature, and a world in which power derives from fear.  In other words the world you and I see reflected in all the news that attacks us daily.  I am here to inform you that serious people claim this reality will end in a few years.

       I know what you are thinking. You are thinking we just entered the Twilight Zone…do do do do do.  How could we be this close to an event as mind boggling as a planetary acid trip back to the Source and still appear mired down in the degraded world of ordinary reality?  I ask myself the same question all the time.  I have been aware of the prophecy contained in the Mayan codes for 20 years (Harmonic Convergence 1987) and also been tracking other prophetic streams (Native American, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Tibetan, Aboriginal etc.) for corollary information.

       One theme most of these sources agree on is the requirement that humans make free will choices.  In other words, in order to break free from the cycle of history into cosmic consciousness, we have to choose.  There are many ways that this choosing is evidenced; it does not have to be an intellectual understanding of what is going on.  It can simply be placing love and sharing and forgiveness in the center of your value system and letting these forces guide you.

      This basic teaching is at the heart of all religious traditions, so what makes it different now? At this turning point time many, many great beings have re-incarnated among us so our efforts are being amplified by powerful, loving humans. Their energy is gradually penetrating the field of human activity—look for the signs in your personal life and beyond.

       The perspective offered in the Mayan calendar is of a turning point when everything contained in the past will also be present, redeeming all of history.  It is a natural phenomenon of galactic cycles that are vast, placing our Earth’s tiny cycle of historical time in a huge context.

         If you want to bring in the power of the knowledge embedded in the Mayan codes, you can add a practice to your life that will accelerate your ability to navigate these next few years.  You can join the Mayan count of days and create your own timeship, the Synchronicity Express.  The premise is extremely simple (and the amplification infinitely complex).  The Mayan system makes 13 the base number of months (moons) instead of 12 and keeps the 7 day week.  13 Moons of 28 days (four 7-day weeks) equals 364 days.  The system adds a “Day Out of Time”—a holiday between cycles—to create the 365-day solar year.

         When you keep the Mayan-Galactic calendar, you join the lunar cycle (13 full moons per solar year) and the feminine cycle (13 ovulations per year) and you begin the re-entrainment into the cosmic rhythm that is the destiny of this planet.  Your human free will choice to work with time in this manner will resonate in the mind field of the fourth dimension.  You will begin having telepathic experiences that will increase as will benevolent synchronicities. The master number 13—known as “the number of God”—will be your guidepost.

         The patterns that come out of the number 13 are spirals, the source of the energy dynamos of all physical creation. When you play with the number 13 you are beginning to navigate in the realm that precedes the physical dimension and that is the realm we will be taken to in 2013, Galactic Synchronization, what Arguelles describes as the Second Creation.

          Don’t despair when you read the news and the political ranting.  Find your practice of compassion and keep it; investigate the natural time calendar of 13 Moons (13moon.com) and let synchronicity illuminate your path. That way when 2012-2013 comes around you’ll be ready for your time!




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