What On Earth is Going On?

Between the time I am writing this and you are reading it, a whole hella lot could have already happened.  Things are moving fast and furious around us; stability is not the norm. Agility would be a better paradigm.

            We are approaching a “Compression Breakthrough;” its code name is COBRA.  You can look it up. What we are experiencing is the culmination of not just a few years of wrong-headed self-destruction on every quality-of-life front but many centuries of the grinding power struggle of Dark and Light.  This is about to be resolved. Spoiler alert: the Light wins.

            We are going to learn the staggering truth about our planet: who runs it, how it got that way, who the players behind the scenes are, who our enemies were and who our friends are–and how we are going to fix the mess. We are also going to be introduced to people that will be jumping off the pages of science-fiction screenplays and James Bond novels. For example: the survivors of Atlantis who have been living in the hollow earth and truly bad, bad wizards who cast the spells for the mind control prison we all inhabit.

            But enough of that. Let’s talk about right now and what we see in our daily fix of “news of fresh disasters” and how we can rise above reacting to it. Right now, a very potent struggle is taking place way, way behind the scenes. The Masters of War, who run the planet because they control all the money–which they invented–are being overthrown by the good guys (known as the Resistance) and their allies, the Galactic Confederation. What we are seeing is a shadow puppet version of that with the current political drama in Washington; the real flesh and blood drama is entitled “The End of Money As We Know It. ” And the end of the politics that goes with money as we know it.

            Money is about to change from “fiat” currency (entirely made up by a special interest group called the Cabal–the very, very bad guys) to a currency based on gold. The power struggle has to do with who loses power when this happens and who gains it. And it is not what you think–it is not the typical power brokers divvying up their shares of the plunder. It is truly the redemption of the human race. It is about restoring humanity to its destiny to be re-integrated into the divine plan of love and creation. It is about remembering who we really are and finding our place within a spectacular realm of consciousness that extends into the infinite universe. The defeat of the Cabal is the victory of truth and freedom. You are going to love it.

            The reason this is happening is that the old world age really did end last December 21, 2012, as determined in ancient metaphysical calendars throughout the planet.  The energy that supplied a cycle of constant war and despotism ran out and we became connected to a radically different energy source. This was an astronomical and metaphysical turning point, one that we will begin to understand as the new cycle unfolds. Many veils are going to be lifted, one by one, as we see what was actually happening outside the prison walls the Cabal built to control us.

            Our task now, as these events start to manifest, is to look at every encounter we have in our individual lives and release the reactive behavior caused by the conditioning we have endured. Let’s start with how we deal with the conflict that is projected for us of the political stalemate. If we hate the Republicans, and the Tea Party Republicans especially, we perpetuate the sanctity of our own self-righteousness–which is just like theirs!

             What if we observed that those people are also trying to understand the inexplicable dysfunction of the so-called government and have simply identified the enemy in their own way? When something goes awry, we are programmed to find the person or group of persons who we think are responsible and to hate them. We certainly aren’t programmed to offer love and understanding. No, we are programmed to stand in judgment. That applies to our heroes: Robert Reich, Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Amy Goodman, etc., as much as the Tea Party spokespeople. Every conflict is made up of projected hatreds, from the blood oath to-the-death feuds that fuel brutal violence to people getting in fights after baseball games. The Cabal controlled us through this mechanism for thousands of years by etching historical hatreds into our beings.

            We need to wake up from this now because it turns out that every good intention, every act of charity and every impulse of forgiveness registers as a point of light. The victory of the Light that is at hand in the big picture is the same as the victory we achieve when we reach beyond our fear-based reactive behavior and see goodness in even the most difficult person. The new energy now available will accelerate whatever valiant effort we make to shed our conditioning. We can rest in the goodness of our essential selves and we won’t be punished for it. This is the new dispensation for us and for our evolution. 

            Events that are coming are going to be challenging to the core. We are being asked to rise to be our best selves to absorb the discomfort of having our worldview radically shifted. We will have a great opportunity to practice all the spiritual teachings that have been with us always.  For so long, the phrase “the real world” has referred to the world run by money. That’s one more lie that is going to bite the dust.  We are the real world, heart and soul. We have it all within us. Let’s roll. 


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