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Fake News and The New World Disorder

By Elizabeth Whitney             All news is fake news. There is not one version of news that is real and the rest fake. News is a subjective reality. We believe the news that conforms to our point of view. This applies … Continue reading

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The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

I found myself pondering this question: “Could the virus be a religious event?” Continue reading

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Blue Cosmic Storm

Sunday, March 18, 2018 in the Dreamspell Galactic Calendar carries this oracle: Kin 39: BLUE COSMIC STORM I endure in order to catalyze Transcending energy I seal the matrix of self-generation With the cosmic tone of presence I am guided … Continue reading

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The Brave New World of Media and Manipulation

    We are seeing a lot of media about the media but hardly any of it addresses a core issue of our times: the sophisticated brave new world of mind control. The key words here are Big Data. Big … Continue reading

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Destiny Rides Again

Whatever comes next in this mondo-bizarro political world, you and I are still here. That’s all you need to know. I’m addicted to reading everything I can on the subject of the Awful Unexpected Event. The point about Trump I … Continue reading

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Living in Reactionary Times

We are living in reactionary times and it’s not going to get easier. This is a cycle we have to live through, as horribly as it manifests. We can’t prevent it and we can’t control it—not you and I in … Continue reading

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Prepare for Change!

Prepare for Change: Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!             What’s that flying saucer doing there? That’s the great taboo subject of all time. It’s probably why you came. [image without the UFO] Somehow this doesn’t have the same impact… We … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

There are only two governments on this planet. One is the government of money and one is the government of divine order. Corrupted humans, with the intention of running the planet for their benefit alone, created the government of money. … Continue reading

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Alexandra Meadors Dec. 3 Cobra Interview

Cobra Q&A with Alexandra Meadors December 3, 2013   The window of opportunity is going to close on December 25, and right at the end of this window of opportunity we have a very interesting portal opening on December … Continue reading

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Maarten Horst, ET First Contact Radio, Transcription Part Two

Part Two: Maartin Horst, First Contact Radio, Aion Vortex Activation Portal in Florence, Italy, November 23, 2013  [53:30] Cobra was explaining that in the Renaissance the art was inspired by the Ascended Masters and by purity and aesthetic beauty. In … Continue reading

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