Conversations with Cobra, Chapter Two

Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra

Recorded via Skype, Point Reyes Station, March 16, 2014

[Red Resonant Earth]

Elizabeth: …Let’s talk about the mystery of this airplane 370. I’m wondering what you’d like to say about that because it is certainly a huge topic. Where can you go with that? What can you share?

COBRA: It was definitely not a UFO because the Light Forces are not working that way. There was no extraterrestrial involvement in that, that’s all I can say right now. There was a lot of information released about the patents and advanced military technologies. It is actually a conflict between the Unites States and China about those technologies. And according to some sources they are behind the downing of that plane. But I would say the whole story is actually a distraction because there are many things happening that are more important than that right now.

E: Almost an intentional distraction?

C: Yes. In a way, yes. Because people have a tendency to focus on the most sensational aspects of a whole situation, and this tends to diffuse the focus, which is now needed for the planetary liberation.

E: But the event in itself of the plane is fairly sensational. It eluded so much of our tracking skills or is…

C: You see, military technology can easily disrupt a radar signal. That’s not a big deal. It was happening since World War II. Events like this were happening quite regularly during the war. In World War II and onwards—it’s nothing unusual. Many planes have “disappeared” during military conflicts.

E: To me, it has created such a lot of attention, as you said, that whatever resolution arrives, when it comes out, whether the people are alive or not, will also create a lot of attention. If it’s an ending that is positive that will have an impact on people, or the other way around. It was kind of remarkable to see this thing develop….

C: OK.

E: Not a UFO. OK.

C: No. It was not an UFO. I can confirm that. There was zero extraterrestrial involvement in the whole scenario.

E: No involvement, negative or positive. OK. We can go on from there.

One of things I would like to talk to you about…my reflections on the things you’ve been saying lately and so on… It really interests me how the human species has been manipulated to the point where it is pretty hard for me to say that we have free will. When I am around people and I listen to how they perceive realty—or in the family and so on—I am sensitive to the feeling that no matter what they are saying they do not feel secure. Could you talk some more about our species, how we’ve gotten the way we’ve gotten, and what our emergence will be like? I don’t think it is so much about our efforts to rise above everything as—what you have said—that we have got to be released from this bondage. Maybe we could go into that a little bit more.

C: OK, I wouldn’t agree that there is no free will left. There is always a portion of free will left. And even if it is a tiny bit, if you expand that, you can get more of it. The reason why this thing got so far—there are many reasons for this. One the reasons is also the responsibility of humanity. Human beings made many choices in their lives and humanity as a whole in human history. It is not just about the Cabal. It is not just about the Archons. It is also about human free will. Humans have a tendency to choose the path of least resistance—the immediate appearance of the least resistance. The simplest possible solution, which is usually not really the simplest possible solution. Because of this tendency, human beings have actually neglected their free will. It’s like a muscle. If you train the muscle it gets stronger. If you don’t train it, the muscle gets weaker. This is what has happened with humanity. Human beings for the cycle of incarnations, they have not chosen to use that free will, to exercise that muscle.

It’s time now to turn the tide. A certain amount of awakened people on the surface of the planet have chosen to do that and are expanding their free will. It is exactly why this liberation process can go forward. Of course, the Light forces will help, and the vast majority of the work will be done by the Light forces, but without active human participation, liberation is not possible. There needs to be certain small amount of free will present among certain segments of the population, and this is exactly what has happened.   Of course, when the burden will be removed, it will be much easier for human beings to exercise their free will and they will discover it once again. They will understand their choices and how they contributed to the whole situation.

E: When I am aware of the stress of ordinary life for so many people across the board, in terms of my culture and cultures I’ve learned about, I can tell that this exercise of free will is hard when people’s ordinary lives are so full of distress. I like that you are saying a small portion of people can activate free will and help spread that, but I also feel quite sympathetic toward the people for whom that is an overwhelming idea—I know they can work with it internally—but when their health is compromised and their food is compromised and they have sick children…I’m just feeling a lot more empathy for people that are living very difficult lives.

C: Yes, I would agree. The life conditions on this planet are extremely stressful for many human beings; I would say maybe for even the majority of humanity on this planet right now.  Life was never supposed to be like this. I’m only saying that even in those stressful conditions, human beings can make small steps towards liberation. They cannot turn the whole situation around, but in their own lives they can make small steps to make better choices, to eat better food, to make better life decisions, to do small acts of kindness. Whatever their life situation is, there is always a small improvement that they can do. This will help the whole process.

Also, the Light forces are aware that the life conditions on this planet are far, far from what they are supposed to be, and humans deserve much better life conditions to redevelop their free will. This is what the Light forces are doing when they began to remove the controlling forces. One aspect is that is very important is that the Cabal has suppressed healing technologies and are actually maintaining the suffering of humanity through diseases. This is a big crime against humanity and those responsible will have to answer in front of all humanity for their actions. That is why the Light forces will bring healing technologies that will be able to remove most of chronic pain and most of diseases on this planet immediately. After this is removed, most human beings will be able exercise their free will more.

And the second pillar is the financial system. Most of humanity is living in poverty in conditions that are not even the minimum conditions for survival. When the new financial system comes in place, every human being will be given basic necessities for life: food, clothes and shelter. This will be given unconditionally to every human being. Nobody will have to work to have a roof over their head, to have drinking water and food. This will be given unconditionally. People who would like to have more will have to give a little more energy to humanity. The basic living conditions will be provided for. It is a universal law: every human being deserves to have those minimal conditions fulfilled.

E: That’s really the heart of what I was asking, because I do believe it is a universal law. I feel how abused our planet is that we don’t have those minimal conditions. Do you want to talk about the status of things and how you are viewing our progression toward this moment of emancipation? There’s a lot going on…

C: There is huge progress being made, especially on the etheric plane. There is a huge healing and huge clearing that has happened now since the beginning of this year. The conditions are now much better and we are much closer to the Event. There is one very strong network that has to be removed, and when this network is removed, I am expecting the Event can take place. I cannot give any dates, of course, but we are close to the breakthrough.

E: Good! Yes. This energy in the air that I am feeling is a kind of anticipation energy, as if we have more permission to feel that it is very close. We don’t have to restrain our desires; it’s coming toward us. These very interesting alignments that you’ve written about in your blog—why don’t you clarify that? I’m interested learning in how these alignments actually work, what really happens.

C: When these cosmic alignments happen, it’s like a portal of energies—a portal that connects our third dimensional world with higher dimension from the 5th and above. The energy from the higher dimensions, the light and love from higher dimensions, can pour into to our dimension and begin transforming it. Especially if we have a critical mass of human beings transmitting those energies, because every human being, whether they are conscious of it or not, is a transmitter of higher dimensional energies. Those energies can create a resonance field throughout the planet, which can begin to transform the situation on a very deep quantum level. This is what we are working for. This is what we are doing with our activations; we are transforming the quantum signature of matter on this planet. This is something that the Cabal cannot stop because they do not have technology on that level.  It’s not possible, because it’s about consciousness—which is about all technologies.

E: Where can their power go and interfere and then when you work as Light forces to disempower them, can you describe what is that like? Does it appear in a physical form at all?

C: I don’t quite understand this question…

E: I don’t think I do either!  I’m trying to imagine what it means to be clearing this field and undoing the negative power that you’ve described. I’m thinking about it like a housecleaner. Is it like finding the dark stuff and neutralizing it?

C: Yes, yes, exactly. The Light absorbs the darkness and transforms into the Light. It is like a big cleaning station, you might call it. It is planetary network of cleaning stations, which turns the darkness into the Light.  Actually the darkness travels through a hyper-dimensional portal and then it is transformed into the Light. It is being absorbed by the Light.

E: So, it is like a vacuum cleaner…

C: Yes.

E: I’m thinking of the big destiny that we are living out now—to be in a time when this is finished. The babies that are being born now are going to be part of the next cycle. What’s a good way to look at that and not look backward and regret so much how we’ve been manipulated but to look forward and see what will come? I think a lot of people get kind of angry when they learn how they’ve been…

C: Anger is the first reaction. When people begin to realize how they were manipulated before, they will get angry.  But when the new reality comes, when there will be so much Light and healing and good things available, it will be like waking up from a bad dream.  You will just say, ”Oh, I’m waking up, it was a nightmare, now it’s over, and I am glad it is over.” And we will just drop the whole thing. We will not dwell on it. It will just be seen as a past period of history, which was very dark and it’s over and we are glad it is over and we are starting afresh.

E: That’s very good to hear.

C: So this anger is just a transitional thing. It’s like it is part of the healing process, because the first phase of empowerment is anger.  The purpose of that anger is to put boundaries, to say no to the Cabal and remove them from the planet. And this anger will not be needed anymore.

E: That’s a very good way to think about it. It’s almost habit that wants to go backwards, but if that habit is also released…

C: You see, people have anger as a habit when there is no higher perspective, when there is no higher vision.  And humanity will receive higher vision and higher perspective with the first contact, with a new perspective of evolution, new technologies, healing, free energy—of all those wonderful things opening up of intergalactic travel.  People will have no time to be angry.

E: That’s good to hear. In terms of the first phase, is the progression that you’ve described as to how it will come to pass a big information download that will come through all the media? Or are there sensitives who will experience it before it arrives? What will be the articulation be at that point? Will people identify themselves as the Light forces or will it go through the voices of the political leaders we are aware of now?

C: At the time of the Event there will be a huge download of intel through the mass media for the masses. Certain individuals who are now Lightworkers and Light Warriors might be contacted directly by the Resistance, and they will be given instructions how to lead humanity through the transformations, because the Light Forces, Resistance movement, the Argarthians and the extraterrestrial races will not be visible at the first stage after the Event. Human beings on the surface will lead the transformation, guided with instructions from the Resistance.  After some short period of time, the Resistance and other Light forces will make themselves visible, but not at the very, very beginning.

E: For instance, what will come on the media? Will it be words for people to read rather than a person speaking or…?

C: It will be a release of hidden documents; it will be release of intel about the Cabal, about the true history of the planet, evidence about Atlantis, things like Area 51, things like Roswell crash, things like UFOs that were stored in area 51, things of that nature. The names of the Cabal members, the financial system Ponzi scheme, all those things with numbers, details.  Everything. Hard evidence.

E: Will people see it as words that they are reading or are there going to be persons speaking those words that they will see?

C: It will be the same as now. We have TV stations where are people working there. It might be that some of the same people will keep their jobs and just read from a different piece of paper with a different intel than now.

E: That’s interesting. So the whole thing will filter through the system as it is now in place.

C: Yes, the structure will keep intact. The same TV stations, the same studios, just the script will be different. The truth will come through the same mass media.

E:  That’s good to hear. I am interested in that part. At this stage, what level of people on this planet are aware of this in a real way, not because they have heard about it, but heard from the Light forces? When I read the newspaper and I try to look through and see if I am seeing signals—like when I read that the Federal Reserve Board has just been announced—are those people still playing the game for us or do they actually not know what is coming?

C: People on the highest level of power and diplomacy, they know about it. They don’t speak about it publically but they know about it.  To the mass media, there are no words about it. It’s a complete censorship at this point, still.

E: Is the censorship because they know about it and they won’t say it or on some level they don’t even know about it?

C: The Cabal knows about it. The Cabal controls the mass media and they don’t want people to know. Because if people know about this, this brings them hope. And if people have hope they will resist more and they are not so controlled. This what the Cabal doesn’t want.

E: I’m thinking about the journalists who cover the routine things that go on politically; those people don’t think of themselves as controlled by the Cabal, but they may not have access. I just wonder if there isn’t some kind of suspicious feeling now that there is something going on behind the scenes.

C: Always layers of intel, layers of access. The higher the position somebody has, the more intel he has access to. An average journalist can at this point begin to feel that something is going on, but would not get the whole picture.  The top journalists will get more of the whole picture, but he would get threats or he would get bribed at this point.

E: So, there is still a lot of danger around.

C:  It’s not safe. People are worried for their jobs, their life situation; they have to raise a family, they have to maintain their lives. These are the basic control mechanisms in the system right now.

E: But, it is probably diminishing because you have done so much work…

C: Yes. That’s true. The truth is coming out, one way or the other.

E:  Of course there is a whole range of intel being thrown around by people who consider themselves part of this. There is a lot commentary from people who channel various layers of Ascended Masters or Ashtar command. Always part of the puzzle for me is sorting those people out, not to mention disinformation. Do you just advise us to use our discernment so we can keep our nose on the right trail instead of getting lost?

C: Yes. There is an information war going on and the Light forces release true intel and the dark forces try to twist it around. You have to be very, very vigilant and use your discernment especially now.

E: It’s almost harder to do that when there is so much going on. When there were more secrets it was easier! But now you have to sort out the people that are telling you the secrets.

C: Exactly.

E: The flavor of things seems to be gentler, almost. I don’t live in a harsh reality. I live in a very positive, loving reality, but I am sensing that there is an ease or some kind of … I don’t know how to explain it.

C: Exactly, because the negative etheric layer has been cleared out and the light and love from beyond the veil is beginning to penetrate inside the quarantine. There are more positive energies present and it will increase. It will get better and better.

E: That’s a fundamental message to tell people. That’s what I have actually started to do. I ask people: “Haven’t you noticed that things are getting better? That synchronicities are supporting you more? That there is more ease?” and then people will say, “Well, yes, I have.” It’s springtime, it’s beautiful weather, we’re happy here, but nevertheless they feel that new ease as well.

C: Yes, this is what’s happening in the last few weeks.

E: Oh, good. I’m fascinated by this phrase, “the etheric plane.” Is there a way you can talk about that? Give us some kind of imagery of what that means? A plane where things are not physical but are highly important to our physical world and our emotional world?

C: The etheric plane is the intermediary plane between the physical plane and the astral plane. The astral plane is that realm where you go each night when you go to sleep, in your dreams. There is an energy plane that is a little bit denser than the astral plane but is not quite physical and that’s the etheric plane. This is the plane of energies where we have our energy body.  You can sense the energies with your hands. You can sometimes feel warm or cold energies passing through.  Most likely you are becoming more aware of the etheric plane. This is all around us. It is not on the physical but is on the little bit more rarified dimension, but it is all around us.

E: Where does emotional energy fit into that?

C: That’s the same as the astral.

E: Emotional energy has a physical component and that’s what I feel gets manipulated in humans. We are overly emotional or inappropriately emotional. We aren’t using our emotions in a way that serves us. It’s what has been captured on a certain level. When we are more balanced, our emotions are appropriate but when we are out of balance our emotions are out of control.

C: Yes. There is a strong connection between the emotions and the physical body–and also with our thought processes. The way we think, the food that we eat and our environment influence our emotions a lot–and the other way around as well.  It’s a like feedback system.

E: I feel the emotional arena is where we are manipulated the most. We are over- stimulated with imagery to the point where we lose our sense of who were are.

C: The Archons try to manipulate the emotions because this is the easiest way to manipulate human beings.  If the emotions are too excited, people cannot think clearly. To keep triggering the emotions all the time; people are always in reaction. Then they have no way to get clear thinking. This is how the Archons keep humans in slavery.

E: That’s historic. That’s how it has always been.

C: The last 25,000 years.

E: They got the key of how to do that. And kept using it. As people rise to a higher consciousness and this energy dissipates, then this factor will definitely be different.

C: When the last etheric layer of the Archons is removed, there will be huge amounts of positive energies descending to the earth’s atmosphere from beyond the veil into the quarantine, and it and will begin to balance and heal human emotions. Humans will begin to feel better in general. Despite the conditions on the surface, there will be a certain energy, which will begin to operate on human beings.

E: So this also will ease us into being more cooperative and more relaxed; if people will have to reorganize how their lives are working, they won’t feel so panicked.  Some of these changes that are so dramatic won’t come across as so destabilizing, they way the do now. We’ll be different people, in a sense, when that comes about.

C: Yes. But it can be very soon. If changes begin to happen now, they will be dramatic. If time is now; the time is now. I cannot say when or how balanced it will be. It is not yet determined.

E: What is your next threshold? You are opening portals in Japan in a few days?

C: Yes, we are opening portals in Japan and Taiwan.

E: Do you want to say what make those important and where they are and what they do?

C: The time has come to activate the portals in the Asia region. We were focusing on the United States and Europe in the past. And now it is time for Asia, because the change is coming from that region now. Some of the major events are originating from there.

E: Do these portals have particular names?

C: We have the Spring Equinox portal on March 21. We have the asteroid occultation, which will be very important for the deconstruction of the whole financial system. Certain energies will be released which will speed up the whole process of the deconstruction of the whole financial system on that date. Among other things.

E: That’s all pretty exciting. What general message do you feel is timely now for all of us that are tuning in?

C: I would say it is time for people to demand the breakthrough and to do whatever they can to make it happen.

E: Oh, good.

C: Start demanding free energy, demanding cures for humanity, demanding freedom and working in that direction actively, one way or the other. I think every person that is aware can do a little step in that direction. Use your creativity, use your imagination, use your skills and your talents in that direction. It’s time.

E: It’s time. Step up and do it, rather than talk about it.

C: And don’t wait for the Event. Start working on it.

E: That makes sense, too. That’s something to do with this energy that I feel in the whole field, of anticipation; take that and move it into a focus.

C: Yes. I have given many instructions; I have given many suggestions in the past. People can read my blog go through the texts and they can find many suggestions in there.  They, of course, can use their own imaginations and their own personal initiative to start triggering changes.

E: I like that. That’s a good wrap up.


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  6. Judy says:

    I am Hebrew, Scythian ancestors, and would like the truth as to the inhabitants of inner earth.
    Do you still need a violet light and higher connections to enter safely?

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    More amazing intel about happenings in various dimensions, with an open eye we may recognize the reflections around. With higher self guidance and coworking mind capatibilities you understand the multidimensional chessboard that encircle cabals 3d grand chessboard. Thanks to Cobra and Elizabeth

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    Thank you for all you do and for the truth.
    I just got this video from my grandaughter.
    Do you know What is going on with this UFO and what it is dropping down to Earth? Thank you very much.

  15. nice interview. thanks elizabeth. more follow thru questions and understanding of the situation than with alexandra meadows interviews with cobra

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  17. Dear Elizabeth, Thanks a lot for this in-depth and highly informative interview with all the good questions. We like especially that you came with your next question in continuation of Cobra’s answer, instead of waiting for a little pause in the answer and then fit in the next question – as we have heard many times before. Your way of understanding the matter in more depth and the way how you are phrasing your questions are reflecting a high level of sensitivity and understanding. However, the central point deserves some more reflection: “We are transforming the quantum signature of matter on this planet. This is something that the Cabal cannot stop because they do not have technology on that level. It’s not possible, because it’s about consciousness—which is about all technologies.” In fact it is the level of transcendental consciousness that cannot be accessed from outside, no matter who makes the attempt. The experience of transcendental consciousness by an increasing number of people would help the transformation of the quantum signature of matter greatly. And there is a practical technology available, which can be learned by anyone who can think, it only needs to be taken up. Interested? For more information, please get in touch with us. Atman & Regina Stehle

    • Elizabeth Whitney says:

      Thanks for your comment. That statement about consciousness and technologies was the one I registered strong when he spoke it. I thought it was profound. We are all trying to get free, for sure, and achieving the transcendent consciousness is the goal. You can let me know what you do at my email: My background includes 26 years of involvement with Jose Arguelles and his teachings and books. Cobra feels to me like a continuation of what we were doing with what we called galactic culture. Living the Dreamspell is transcendent!

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    Thank You, Cobra & Elisabeth!

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    La réflexion est l’enfant de la pensée
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    Not sure if you are aware, but there has been a big personnel change over at GFP (Galactic Free Press) and I was told that offerings from Cobra would no longer be posted as relevant.

    • Elizabeth Whitney says:

      That doesn’t make sense, does it? Cobra is all over that site, posting this month even. I am curious to know why Cobra would be considered not relevant. Do you have any idea?

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    Le véritable système COBRA est un programme élaborer “lors des premiers retours des Finalités climatiques”

  24. Angela says:

    I have just read on the Ashtar command that they took the flight and that the occupants are in inner earth along with the plane., which situation is true?

    • Elizabeth Whitney says:

      Consider the source… and wait and see. I trust Cobra. The Ashtar commentary is somewhat metaphoric anyway… Just an opinion; I have no inside information that you don;t have.

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