Notes from A Third Conversation With Cobra August 5, 2014

By Elizabeth Whitney

Elizabeth: I know there are a lot of hot spots on the planet, but what I am sensing is that there is a really big overview you can offer. Are you feeling a big wave coming through that is affecting everything?
Cobra: What kind of wave are you speaking of?
Elizabeth: Whatever this build-up toward compression breakthrough would feel like as it is getting stronger. The sense that things are being destabilized across the board.
Cobra: Yes, it’s a process and, yes, it is intensifying.
Elizabeth: I live in area where what we are talking about is the housing crisis. We are all being driven out of housing. There is affluence for a small group and yet everyone else is in trouble. And then there are parts of the world where it is full-on war and terror and madness, I would say. Do these pieces fit together into the elements that would bring about the Event?
Cobra: Actually what is happening now is the purification of all suppressed darkness. Everything that was suppressed before is coming to the surface. This is not an easy process and that is why people are experiencing so much discomfort. This discomfort will be ended at the Event, so this process needs to go through. What was suppressed needs to be cleared. Needs to be purified.
Elizabeth: Is this what is being done on the etheric plane? Pulling it out to be purified?
Cobra: Yes, there is intense purification on the etheric plane right now.
Elizabeth: What is that process like and how has it changed in the two years of this intense work?
Cobra: What basically happens is the Light Forces have a certain technology which removes negative beings from the etheric plane, and it also removes their technologies from the etheric plane. In the last two years there was massive progress in that area. You need to understand that this etheric plane and higher planes were accumulating all kinds of energies and beings from thousands and thousands of years and in two short years I would say we have managed to clear the majority of this.
Elizabeth: From your perspective, where do you see we are? Are we coming into the last loop of the process? I’m trying to imagine what it is like to be in the thick of what you are doing and how you see the status of things.

At this point, I lost all the rest of this recording through some kind of mysterious mis-instruction to the recorder, so I can’t reproduce Cobra’s words, which are always crystal clear. I can share the gist of this experience and hope it has value. My intention from the beginning was to refocus on the Compression Breakthrough theme and see if there were some indications that we were close to it. Here are some things that did evolve from the conversation.
Cobra said that the process of going into the dark and purifying it was far more difficult than was anticipated. He used the onion analogy saying layers were peeled off and that they were down to the core. Once the core is dealt with, then the Event will happen, so we can say that it is close now. That felt like a piece of good news.
When we talked about the events of the world, he encouraged me (and all of us) not to allow ourselves to be led by the Cabal into swallowing the mainstream news, which he says is deliberately elevating issues into fear-mongering. The Ebola outbreak, for example, does not include the fact that the Cabal has the antidote for the virus if they want to use it. He explained that there is the mainstream news being fed to us and there is the reality behind the scenes that will never make the news.
I find this an interesting dilemma that makes us on the one hand have to shield ourselves from the impact of the news and our reactive behavior and also gives us no real news to chew on. I think of this as one of the challenges that we have as we feel starved for real news and why we are so indebted to Cobra for what he tells us. The value of intel is really critical to our ability to ride out this time and the skills we need to navigate it are difficult to acquire. Cobra wants us to continue to practice discernment and use of our inner guidance.
In a December 3, 2013, interview with Alexandra Meadors, she asked: “How do we decipher between that which is so-called real, and not real?”

Cobra: You combine your intuition—I am speaking about trained intuition: your own contact with your higher self—and your rational mind. By the rational mind, I mean the mental body, which is trained by educating itself. When you combine those two, you can get pretty sharp. You can’t always discern, 100 percent, but you can get much more accurate than any external information source. You will begin to see patterns, energy signatures. You will begin to see that disinfo comes in a certain way, it has a certain structure, and you will be able to get better and better with practice.

This leads into the whole issue of how heavily we are programmed, a subject that came up. We have layers of obfuscation between the reality that we could be interacting with from a position of native intelligence and what we are being fed. We have manipulations implanted in us that lower our intelligence, etheric holograms projecting images of negativity and technologies that block our free will and positive initiative. Overcoming these requires effort, discipline and courage. The work of the positive ETS on the etheric plane is helping this and these are areas in which we can support each other.

We got into a discussion of duality and Cobra explained that the artificiality of duality, such as the sense that darkness must exist to define the light, is completely false but deeply imbedded. Negativity and everything associated with the dark he defined as a disease, just as those who perpetrate it are diseased beings. After the Event all these situations will dissolve, as will disease. In other communications, he has described the return of balance, such as the balance of the masculine and the feminine, which is not the same as duality.

A false reality that has been defined us for thousands of years is being peeled off in layers. The programming includes a psychological veil between us and the truth. This deliberately distorts everything we experience and colors it with emotional reactions like fear and anger. We consider this normal now and it is reinforced in the mass media that the Cabal controls and all institutional centers of learning and history, also under their control. As we continue in the purification process, my impression is that the depth of centuries of deception is becoming more and more obvious, and this is what we are coping with in our time. We could look at “the news” through this lens, the horrors of history being unraveled before our eyes for the last time.
Once again Cobra emphasized the power of our unified meditations as our most effective defense against the darkness and deception in which we are embedded. He expressed that the next phase of this movement needs to be more unified and introduced the theme of cooperation. He spoke of a plan for all spiritually inspired groups, “new age to old age” to join together at the same time on a regular weekly basis to create a powerful field of positive energy. This idea came from one of the Dragon Families suggesting a weekly time of meditation, harmonizing all the spiritual paths, and building what he beautifully described as a Network of Light. These meditations will express a state cooperation that has not yet occurred, an issue that includes situations within Dragon families as well. It is important to note that encouraging and creating a field of cooperation is a key theme now and very relevant to bringing the Event into reality.
I asked him about the cosmic nature of the Event since we had heard from the beginning that it will be instigated by a pulse from the center of the galaxy. He replied that our planet is interactive with the whole galaxy. We do not exist separately from it. We are relevant to and it is relevant to us, so what is evolving here is very significant. We are both sending and receiving signals. That we don’t know this is again part of the delusion that has been our conditioning and isolation.
Cobra spoke of the recent conference in Taiwan and the significance of being a center of one of the most densely populated places on the planet. It is a microcosm in a sense of the whole of humanity. He has no plans at this time to be in the US. He seemed pleased with the conference and continued his theme of the progress being made at each of these conferences.
Since I wasn’t able to record the whole 45-minute conversation and didn’t take notes, thinking I was recording, I think the most valuable thing I can offer in its place is my own sense of the overview I was seeking. This is my third interview with Cobra [the other two were November 16 and March 17 and are on my blog “Beyond the Horizon” at]. I always start these interviews hoping I will get a specific piece of information that confirms we are on the threshold of the Event. Like so many people following this information since 2012, we live in a state of perpetual anticipation and have to balance this with persistent patience—not easy! Each time I imagine Cobra giving me the inside scoop…but he gives me something else instead.
This interview particularly felt relevant to show us how we can participate in the Event rather than wait for the Event to change our lives and solve our problems. The clue, to me, was the word cooperation. I feel we can turn our attention to that theme in all the aspects of our lives and find that it is feeding the great vortex that is coming called the Event. We can examine the fragmented way we function with our allegiances to specific teachings and practices and see how we can merge those into a larger field with others who have similar dedicated lives. The idea he launched of creating the Network of Light and regular hour-long meditations once a week struck me as a powerful insight. Global meditations are evolving as we know right now with several pending timing dates, the August 8 meditation and one planned for September 21 as the Global Day for Peace, and finding a formula for a weekly practice that could grow organically feels like a natural evolution for the meditation movement.
The consciousness of the Event has been defined by Cobra on many occasions. On his April 12, 2012, blog he wrote:
To reach the critical mass of kinetic energy required for the Event, we are adopting a certain strategy. This strategy for overthrowing the dark Cabal is constant non-violent critical mass resonance of truth, revealed in the face of opposition. If you constantly and coherently reveal the truth in the face of the mind matrix created via mass media, this will dissolve the last power base of the Cabal: the programmed group mind of humanity. If the truth is exposed, all lies are dissolved. Truth creates a web of light on the mental plane for divine intervention that then manifests on the physical.

The Event occurs when Compression Breakthrough occurs, defined as follows:

This planet is in a sandwich. There are light forces above the surface of the planet in the sky—positive ETs—sending light toward the surface of the planet from above. Then there is a resistance movement underground. All of these forces are holding the light below the surface and sending the light toward the surface. So the surface of the planet is in this compression. All of the darkness that was compressed on the surface needs to come out, because the light is constantly pressuring it to come out, so that it is processed and healed and removed. When the light from below meets the light from above at the surface, that’s the moment of compression breakthrough and that’s the moment of the Event.
[Cobra interview, November 16, 2013,]

These two quotes describe the process that we ourselves are engaged in to liberate the planet and bring about the world we yearn for. Cobra and the Resistance fighters are deeply involved in the darkest and densest aspects of the purification but we, too, are involved. If you are reading these words, you have woken up out of the hypnotic spell of mass programming. It’s a one-way street and it leads into a warrior path of self-purification. Indulging in projecting so-called darkness on others is not viable on this path. Being reactive to political situations we cannot comprehend is not viable on this path. Surrendering to a state of cynicism and bitterness is not viable on this path. Cobra’s challenge to us is the path of the heart, which means to face and forgive that which has enslaved us. At that point we and the Event become one and the same.


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6 Responses to Notes from A Third Conversation With Cobra August 5, 2014

  1. ClareNYC says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for your wonderful intelligence and insights. The only way I can “believe” what Cobra says is to “feel” it and then make it “my own”. Cobra creates a lot of controversy in the “lightworker” (for want of a better word) community and I’m not afraid to doubt what he says, but I have always found him to be helpful in my personal process since I began to listen to him in 2012. So many have been trying to make him into a fake in some way, but I say that if you continually tell others that part of what’s going on here is learning to use YOUR OWN discernment, no matter what the outcome, which is what he repeatedly asks people to do, then you’re home free, so to speak. No matter what anyone says about him, this sounds like honest advice and encouragement.

    Also, I wanted to mention that someone from Golden Age of Gaia recently said that rather than “waiting for ascension” we can continually focus on raising our own vibration, to meet what is coming…something like that. (Geoffrey, Grahame…can’t remember…sorry)…while that may sound obvious, it hit me a different way when I heard it….we know “waiting” is not the point at all. Meditation is so much a part of this and I can feel it on Sundays when we do the World Meditations. And “raising our vibrations” means being truthful with ourselves too which is not always easy with the New (C)agers. But I know we are doing it, little by little…
    Thanks again…and a hug from NYC….

  2. Elizabeth Whitney says:

    Thanks, Clare. I appreciate your comments. I got drawn into Cobra because he had the same clarity that Jose Arguelles did, one of my significant teachers, and his information dovetailed with Jose’s galactic message. My conversations with Cobra have been strong experiences. He’s a real warrior in my mind. I have yet to meet him, but I hope I will and can write a piece that includes his personhood, not just his message. He’s all business… but one day I’d like to hear him laugh. Jose’s teaching was all about the nature of time and I surrendered to things taking the time they need and accepting it. My life has been all about that and it has been a challenge because years and years have gone by. Cobra got me back on track that there was a lot bigger formula involved than my little life. I did an active imagination session once and the figure I got was a woman deputy that I remember from a civil disobedience action I was in who told me, in answer to my What’s Going On question, “Honey, you are serving time.” So now I think of waiting as serving time. Nice to hear from you, NYC.

  3. Grace says:

    Thank you for doing this, Elizabeth ❤ Many Blessings

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  5. Tully says:

    Is happening to me also to visit the etheric planes, and see what that says Cobra, are 99% real. in times past, while visiting these areas, I was in front, often, all black areas, which did not allow me to continue forward. but today, these things are gone. There were, demonic entities, that are in the shape of dogs and cats, ecc, infest the populations.
     But with my help, the positive ETs and other benevolent creatures, we are providing to destroy them … they are generated by strange blacks machines, who seem to washing machines, glowing black fog, which creates a heavy gravity, who approaches him. (Heavy Quark)
    these machines, which I found, were destroyed, there were two in that area.
    and those monsters, animaloids, were dissolved, like acid!
    later, she came back lighting solar light.
    although, Cobra, does not specify the form of demons, you can still meet in the plans, infected …
    probably does, as not to alarm the population, not to create porn-fear, even to animals or fake animals, such as fake human (that really exist), but still, we are not prepared to deal with such truth. but even this truth, one day, will be revealed.

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