Maarten Horst, ET First Contact Radio, Transcription Part Two

Part Two: Maartin Horst, First Contact Radio, Aion Vortex Activation Portal in Florence, Italy, November 23, 2013


Cobra was explaining that in the Renaissance the art was inspired by the Ascended Masters and by purity and aesthetic beauty. In modern art, the art houses are funded by the Illuminati. Because there is some modern art that is really ugly and it is meant to lower the vibration of the visitors at the museums. When you hear this music it is the art of love. It is unity. It is beauty. Cobra played music during the meditation we did in the morning from David and Steve Gordon: “Oneness”…It is recommended to play this music. I will try to find it to play it on a future broadcast.

It is a flow. It is not really that you hear melody, but that you hear high crystals and light beings and stars and beauty and galaxies and molecules and atoms and tetrahedrons and Merkabas–all the beauty, all the knowledge that we share together as Light-workers that we know is being visualized in this music. You see very beautiful images when you when you meditate with this music.

What I feel right now is satisfaction. It was worth doing it. It was worth spending the money. It was worth driving all the way to Florence. Really, it was worth it. I think this will last long in my memories as one of the most beautiful and intense experiences I have ever had in my life. What you hear in the background is the church bells in the little city where I live…Soon you will hear the bim-bom of 8 o’clock.

Wherever you are listening from in the world, whatever time zone…love is the thing that brought us together and I respect very much all the light beings that were present during the Aion Portal Activation. I want to describe some people that were in the group. For example, there was a couple from Switzerland…they had such a lovely energy. They were like angels amongst us. My friend said they were like perfect grandparents and I felt the same way. The Italians…I’m quarter Italian and when I am in Italy I feel at home. I don’t speak the language so well, but the connection, the warmth, the huggings… It was just amazing. I don’t remember all the names but I remember the faces of the people and the energy. Also the people from Dubai. There was a lady from the United States with Italian roots. There was a guy from Scotland; he was also amazing, amazing energy. Aahh, it was the work of art. It was a masterpiece of art that we created together in the group physically present in Firenze but also of all the meditations that were done for the opening of the Aion Portal from people all over the world.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

[discusses music] It is an album from Asher Quinn…this song is about transforming into the light and that is what happened yesterday–transformed into the light by the energy of Isis and Iona and Aion. Transformed into the light. We became light. At the end of the song Asher sings, “I became light.” This is when you will hear sounds and frequencies that will touch your heart and your soul at the deepest level, like the Ascension process.

[Music: Asher Quinn: “Half Past Ten”]


Take a deep breath and relax. Profound music about becoming light. We are light. Our physical body will become crystalline. This is the process of Ascension.

Sheldon Nidle talks about the chambers in the inner Earth. This will happen after First Contact. First Contact will happen after the Event. The Event will happen after what we did yesterday, the Aion Activation Portal. There are many candles in the valley, as Asher said. Many light beings, many light workers that are now helping the liberation of the planet.

Since yesterday, Cobra said, the light forces will take over the initiation of actions of situations. It will start with the light forces because Neptune took over Pluto. This takes a long time, this cycle, a couple hundred years–because the Earth’s orbit around the sun is 365 days…but the outer planets of the our solar system like Neptune and Uranus and Pluto–Pluto takes 288 Earth years to go around the sun. To have a configuration where there is a Sextile, like a Star of David, a Merkeba, those cycle are even longer to take place. This was a very special configuration in a heliocentric view. Helio is the Sun; the sun consists of helium, the second element in the periodic system.  Helium is two protons and two neutrons and two electrons circling the core. So that is a little background information about Helios, the Sun. And Helios was also I believe a Greek god.

 What can I say? Going to have a coffee now, going to have some water. Because we still have 45 minutes.

…The garden where we were with group…It was such a serene energy. I see blue light now, flashes now of blue light, when we talk about the garden because that’s where Cobra activated the portal of Aion.  Amazing grace. Amazing love. When we were walking the in silence in the garden I felt like the whole Universe was working with us, especially in the evening at 10:11. It was incredible energy. Incredible. So many beings of light were working with us, a chain of love and light.

[1:12:11 Music: “We Are One” Asher Quinn]


OK, Where do we go from here? The cohesion of the group was amazing. There were so many interactions, things that needed to be said, that at the beginning it was difficult to focus on what was going on, but very soon our energies connected and we supported each other as a group. It was so intense, so intense. The New Renaissance that was initiated with Aion Portal from yesterday will take a shape now and we’ll see how it unfolds. This is amazing. We might expect some wonderful things to happen very soon. I signed a non-disclosure agreement with Cobra so I can’t say what it is, but things will start move now, start to move towards the victory of the light. Applaud yourself if you attended the meditation.

If you are new to this, I just came back home from the Aion Activation Portal that we did in Florence, Italy. Cobra is the code name for Compression Breakthrough and the compression breakthrough is what is happening right now. The energies that are supporting the liberation of the planet are becoming more and more intense every minute actually as we speak. I feel the Event could happen soon. The word soon is of course used many times, but it feels like it is building up, building up, building up. It’s getting stronger and stronger.

I bought a beautiful crystal from Cobra, it’s an icosahedron, and it helped me the whole way from Firenze in my car to Holland. I kept it in my hand except when I was driving, and when I was driving I put it on my chair between my legs. I have it in my hands now. It’s a very powerful tachyon crystal–icosahedron, by the way, not dodecahedron. Dodeca is twelve in Greek and icosa is twenty in Greek. Icosahedron and the dodecahedron are Platonic bodies. They are the inversion of each other because the icosahedron has twenty sides and twelve points, and the dodecahedron has twelve sides and twenty points, which are a pentagon. The shape of the icosahedron is an isosceles triangle. Just amazing geometry that I have in my hands; not only geometry, also a piece of iron that I have with me. I think this crystal will stay with me forever. I want to thank Cobra from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful crystal. It has a very important meaning for me.

At the closing ceremony, source energy was coming though so intensely.  I have no words for it. I become silent. Later, later, when disclosures are coming out through the mass media, I think we will look back on this activation portal of Aion, and see and know that what actually happened…because it still has to…

Oh, by the way, Kathy sent me a message today that there were seven volcanoes in seven countries that erupted simultaneously at the time of the activation of the Aion portal. Seven volcanoes. Amazing news. That’s important news.  This triggered a lot in the physical also, in the physical plane of planet Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia. 

So, the reason that we are here back in our home after being in Firenze–I think we need time to elaborate and rest. Very important to rest and absorb the energies and let them flow through your body and your light body–because this is the most intense activation that I ever experienced. In a nutshell, a beautiful experience. I hope to see Cobra in Glastonbury in England on the 21st of December. I don’t know if Cobra has already posted the portal that will open at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury; he will do that soon. You can go to his blog,

I think it is now time for me to have a little music, so stay tuned. Don’t go away. I will find something very beautiful for you to listen to, but I have to catch my breath…I will play something from The Open Secret by Asher Quinn. It’s called “Luna Nueva,” and it helped me when I had a bad period when I was 16 years old. It’s healing music. I am contributing it to all the light-workers who are listening right now to have a little healing from this sound. Here it comes.

[1:27:35 “Luna Nueva” from Asher Quinn]

All is one, my friends. Love unconditionally…

Thank you all for being here. I am grateful for the universe, for Prime Creator, I’m grateful for the Goddess energy from Isis and I’m grateful for the God energy from Aion…

(A good question for Cobra is why he is calling it the “Confederation” of Light not the Galactic Federation of Light–confederation or federation: what is the difference?)    

So, here we are back on Planet Earth. The fundamental process of the liberation of the planet was the Aion Portal opening. It was great success. I am ecstatic and overjoyed… I must say again that I didn’t sleep for about 40 hours. But I am still having it all straight out. When I speak about myself and my essence, I am somebody special, unique–everybody is unique, of course–but I know that when I want something, I do it. So I drove with my three friends…We drove all the way, back and forth. I think that was crazy of us to do that.

The harmony in the car was amazing, especially after the Aion Portal Activation, when we drove back. The friends from Italy, all the people that were there, were just amazing. Right now, I see the face of Cobra in my third eye all the time. He is with me and I am very happy he is with me. We had a very special connection.  Unfortunately, there was not a lot of time to have a personal conversation, but I feel we know each other. I see Cobra now surrounded in white light around his aura. The CD that he made with Isis and Medwyn Goodall, the Goddess Meditation, you can order it on

It’s like I’ve known Cobra for many lifetimes; it’s like I just realize that now that I’ve met him for the first time. I’ve known Cobra for a while now… [mentions his radio interviews on ET First Contact. BBS Radio, etc.]

Concluding the whole process of going there, being there present at the moment of the activation and being back home here just in time for my radio show…

To conclude…Bellissimo, in one word. Fantastic. The victory of Light is almost complete, and the step we took by the activation the Aion portal was a big step, a big step for humanity and a small step in the cosmos. However, I would say that I think even for the cosmos, it was a big step. As Cobra explained, the pulse that was sent out by M87 galaxy that was affecting the Central Sun of our galaxy and our sun and our solar system was, I think, something has not happened for a long time. Also with this intensity, because it was not just a small pulse, it was a huge pulse. We could feel it as a group being there present, and I still feel it as I am sitting here talking to you. Amazing, amazing event. To give myself a little wink I will now play a little piece of music again. I will find something you will be pleased with I’m sure… Chloe Goodchild, Fierce Wisdom. I will play “Aum” and “Sri Ma.” Please sing full-heartedly with this aum; it is a very beautiful aum.

[Music 1:41:35 ]

Speechless from this kind of music. This is the new Renaissance. It started already of course in the 60s. Cobra also spoke of the comet ISON that is also triggering the new Renaissance together with the Aion Portal. There was a big comet in 1965 or 6 that created or started, initiated, the global revolution of peace and love and harmony in the 60s. But now we have this new Renaissance and people are making beautiful blog posts, are making beautiful music, beautiful art. For example, all those pictures you see on the Internet of Ascended Masters and Archangels, El Morya and Ashtar and St. Germain–were very present by the way at the activation of the portal–also Iris. Very beautiful energy.

We are the strongest of the strong. We are a tribe of many colors. We are beautiful beings in the physical body that are going to live beautiful, beautiful times, and because of Cobra and Isis–and of course the whole group and all the people meditating all over the world–we were able to do all this. I am grateful for my existence and I am grateful for the love of Aion and Iona. “A-ion, Iona,” that was what we were singing just after 10:11 portal activation, full of bliss, full of sparks, all the colored lights that you could imagine were there. 11:11 that’s code of unity.

I want to thank you for listening to this program…

So what I am going to do is rest… I wish you a wonderful blessed day and light. I love you all. Thank you for listening. This is ET First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst. Good-bye.


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