Alexandra Meadors Dec. 3 Cobra Interview

Cobra Q&A with Alexandra Meadors

December 3, 2013


The window of opportunity is going to close on December 25, and right at the end of this window of opportunity we have a very interesting portal opening on December 21. The name of that portal is Return To Innocence. The purpose of this activation is for us to go deeper into our true nature, which is beyond all the programming of the Cabal, into our true innocence. If we get a critical mass of people doing that, we will actually start disintegrating the whole structure of the matrix in its core. This is a very important activation, and we will have our main vortex in Glastonbury, England, a very special place, and the perfect place to anchor such high vibrational energies…It’s actually the first real chance to make a breakthrough this year…The next one is in spring.


UFO ISON videos and “Wormwood?” This is exactly the type of disinformation I’m speaking about. The purpose of this is to direct attention to false ideas, because if people really understand what’s going on in this universe they would have much greater chance to make a real contact with our space brothers and sisters. 

Basically, there are two factors here or even more. The first factor is the channels receive much disinformation from the Archons. Some of them just get misinformed but the others are actually CIA agents, so as I said this one [ISON as a UFO] is classical example of the disinformation campaign.


How do we decipher between that which is so-called real, and not real?

You combine your intuition–I am speaking about trained intuition–your own contact with your higher self and your rational mind. By the rational mind, I mean the mental body, which is trained by educating itself. When you combine those two, you can get pretty sharp. You can’t always discern, 100 percent, but you can get much more accurate than any external information source. You will begin to see patterns, energy signatures; you will begin to see that disinfo comes in a certain way, it has a certain structure, and you will be able to get better and better with practice.


Influence of Uranus-Pluto square: This ongoing Uranus-Pluto square is going to continue not just through this month but through the next few months to a certain degree, and this will continue to put very strong pressure on the financial system. The pressure will be on exposing the suppressed truths about it. The Cabal, who tries to hide what’s going on behind the scenes in the financial system, will be under constant pressure. There will be more and more revelations; there will be more and more awareness among the general population about the true nature of the financial system. It will result in the tension that has already been felt for some time, and this tension will sooner or later resolve in the breakthrough that culminates in the Event.


Congress, etc.: I would say most of the congressmen are bribed. The Cabal gives them a certain amount of money each year to comply with the agenda. They are aware to a certain degree of what’s going on, but they come along quietly because of their financial safety.


Obama: The Obama situation is very delicate. I would not comment on what is he doing right now, but I would say that his actions in the past have led to the point where it will not be easy for him to play that role [bridging the old world and the new] because in the eyes of many people he is not a very positive person. For somebody to lead us to this transition, there needs to be a person that is a little bit more neutral in the eyes of the people.


The Peace Portal: On August 25th we had the opening of the Peace Portal, which resulted in drastic improvement of the situation in Syria. With regards to the dark forces being removed, that didn’t happen yet, obviously, because we’re not liberated yet. It’s an ongoing process of liberation and there is a great progress being made.


HAARP: The physical aspect of HAARP was been removed some time ago; the etheric aspects of HAARP are quite strong and still are operational at this moment.


Underground Library of Logos: Yes, this idea comes from a certain book that speaks a little bit about the underground Kingdom of Light, the Agarthans, and, yes, it’s true there are many cities below the surface of the Earth. There are actually libraries, which are not physical libraries, but they are actually records of all the past events. But what’s happening recently is that the light forces on a very high level have decreed most of those records to be erased, because they no longer serve a purpose. We are actually completing the old cycle, and most of our experiences in this duality-based reality will have no meaning after we reach a certain point. We’re going beyond that.


You wrote, talking about the Galactics removing radiation and various poisonous substances from the nuclear power plants, “It’s just a matter of humanity having the right consciousness and understanding to accept and perceive the technology.”

I am talking about the masses, so your average person on the street needs to be open and welcome to receiving that assistance on a planetary scale and only then will that happen…The purification process starts now among the most advanced souls on the planet, and, after the Event, the purification process will actually spread throughout humanity. Every human being on this planet has some toxic emotions, toxic mind, toxic ideas and toxic bodies, and all this needs to be healed for us to receive the Light that’s coming from the Galactic Central Sun–even for us as a species to survive the coming changes. Everybody on the planet will go through that process one way or the other, go through a purification process to be ready to accept the higher vibrational frequency that will be made from the Galactic Central Sun, quite soon… The removal of the Cabal happens at the event. 


Accomplishments made for the Light in the month of November?

Number one was the activation of the Aion Portal. It was a huge success. On the energetic planes, it was a statement of the Light. It was the first activation that actually brought advantage to the Light to the point that we are now leading the game, at least on the energy planes. We are the ones making the moves right now, not the other way around.

This will precipitate on the physical plane quite, quite fast, as I understand it. It will also change the geo-political situation on the planet, because everything that happens on the physical plane was once an idea on higher planes. If we are now making that much progress on the higher planes, that will soon manifest on the physical plane. 


If you were to ask, say, a Pleiadian or a Sirian or an Andromedan how they perceive the human race, how would they describe us?

At this moment, most of the races see the surface of this planet as hell. Most of those races don’t want to get involved and the only reason why they’re getting involved is because of their compassion for humanity to help us get out of this situation…They live such a positive existence, such a paradise state, that compared to what they’re experiencing, if they look down here, it looks like hell to them.


How is the human race different from other races in the galaxy?

On one fundamental level there is not much difference because we all come from the same Source. The other thing is that human beings do not come from just one race; they are actually a mixture of different races. The experience that we have on this planet gives us a unique signature that sets us apart from most of the galaxy.

People on this planet have gone much deeper into the mind programming than the rest of the galaxy. When we manage to get liberated from this, [we will have] quite a unique set of experiences and will bring a unique set of skills that will actually help the galaxy to evolve, even deeper and even further.

Individualistic tendencies don’t contradict the unity consciousness when you reach the higher state of awareness. They’re just two sides of the same coin. What has happened is actually the blockage of flow of energies that made an artificial split between various aspects of the One. And this is the main thing that distinguishes this planet from other planets in the universe.


Can you clarify the difference between a portal and a stargate?

What we are activating are actually portals in space and time. These are moments  when the Light can come through human conduits and when/if it reaches a critical mass, that light gets spread throughout the planetary light grid. This planetary light grid actually changes the situation on the etheric plane and removes a great percentage of the Archon network. Every time we activate a portal, a great percentage of that network is removed forever. We will just keep on doing this until all of them are gone.


The stargate is an entry point from higher dimensions into this dimension. It’s a tunnel that connects this dimension into another dimension.


Black Holes?  There were many black holes, but those have been cleared. The only black hole structure on the quantum level remains around the surface of this planet, and this is called the Veil.


Soulless ones? The Cabal are the soulless ones because they lost their connection with their soul and with the Source. And there are not that many of them.


Financial reset: The infrastructure for the reset is ready, but the conditions for the reset are not. The plan that has been approved speaks about a certain basket of currencies that will comprise the new planetary system but, because it needs to be a gradual transition, existing currencies will still be operational for some time. What will be taken out of the system first will be inequality and non-transparency. This is the first thing to go–and certain institutions.


The China airspace situation:  The Rockefeller faction of the Cabal wants to start another war, but they will not be successful; it is just like child’s play. They failed with their Syria project; they failed with their Iran project and they couldn’t start a war there, and they’re now trying with China, in desperation. Of course this will not work.

We have had a lot of progress on the financial front; we have had progress here with GMOs. These are ongoing projects, and some of them are decades old, and they are finally bringing results now. So this is a very good development.


The new Pope: He is not only controlled by the Jesuits, he is a Jesuit. There was a certain possibility that he would start doing good things but that did not happen. What he is doing now is just a quite clever manipulation from the side of the Jesuits. The sad thing here is that many of people in the liberation movement are falling for that manipulation…If the Pope really wants to do something good, first he could expose the real financial situation of the Church. For example, the land the Church owns in Brazil is worth more than one trillion dollars. That money alone would end poverty on this planet.  That’s just for the start. If he really wants to walk his talk, it’s a very simple solution I gave him right now. Just sell the land you have in Brazil and basically you remove poverty from this planet immediately.


What is the difference between an implant and entities? An implant is a certain device, a technology, which was inserted our energy bodies with very strong electromagnetic forces. It can be a crystal, or a certain object on the higher planes which actually blocks the flow of energy. An entity is a being that has been inserted into our energy structure also by strong forces that is a living thing, a living being…When somebody gets infected by those, this changes his behavior quite a lot.

More than 99 percent of human population is infested by so-called Invisibles; they are actually beings who infest the etheric brain and seriously compromise the thinking process and the way people perceive reality. This is something that I will write about when the time is right and give more information about. There are forces of Light currently dealing with that situation quite intensively, and there is great progress being made with this since the activation of the Aion portal. Although everybody has been infected, the severity of that infection has been greatly decreased since the activation of the Aion portal.

This is the main reason why the Lightworkers have not been able to unite on the planet. You see, the Cabal has their Bilderberg meetings, and they are able to get along with each other well enough to make strategic plans. But we on the other side, the Light forces, the people on the surface of the planet, have not been able to gather together physically and to create a strong unified group to promote a positive agenda. The reason why is it so is because of those Invisibles that have actually infested the thinking process of the Light warriors, Lightworkers, people in the Liberation movement. The thinking process has been compromised, and people are not able to devise a clear strategy to understand what is at stake and make the right decisions. This is why I am exposing those things because I would like to remove all of the obstacles towards the Event.


The Aion Portal Opening and world events: Actually, it’s very interesting that in a few hours after we opened the Aion portal, the agreement with Iran was made. From the higher planes, those people were guided to make an agreement as a result of the energies that came. It was not possible to create such an agreement for years and years and years before that. It was just a combination of the energies of the Aion portal that made that possible. This is just the first part of the story. The old strategy was putting out the fires that the Cabal lit. They made a plan, promoted it and then the Light forces responded and prevented it. From now on it will be different. We will trigger action first. This is the new plan; this is the new strategy.

For that strategy to be efficient, we have to clear the nonphysical planes first. So now there are certain groups also on the physical plane, and I hope, I sincerely hope, they will follow the instructions they receive from inside and begin to cooperate a little bit more. If that happens, we can create very powerful statements on a planetary scale.


Drones: It is not “we” that are doing that: it is a certain segment of negative military in a certain country, called United States. This is happening because the Cabal wants to promote their agenda. They would like to create more conflict in that part of the world from a certain misconstrued idea that war brings profit. War brings profit for a very tiny little segment of the Cabal. For everybody else, it brings loss of life, and, from an economical standpoint, it brings recession and blocks the growth of economy. 


Is it about the poppies? It’s part of their business, yes. Of course that money gets funneled through the CIA. In the past it financed part of the black ops projects and the underground bases, but now it’s just barely enough to keep the Cabal alive. Because they need about two or three billion each day to keep the show running: to bribe the congressmen, to bribe the press, to maintain control over the system. They need that much money every day.

They don’t have many reserves. Most of the money they get is fresh income every day, through organized crime, through other sources, through taxes. It’s like an ongoing perpetual motion machine until it is stopped by the Event. I would say between 90 and 50 percent of the energy that the average human being creates goes to the Cabal, through taxes, through various profits to various businesses, and through illegal businesses that the Cabal operates.


You made a statement in one of your blogs [regarding the Aion Portal Activation]: “My experience of the energy flash was so profound and now I know for my own experience what the energy flash of the Event will feel like.” Can you describe that?

I will put it this way. It is not a physical light. It is a feeling of a vision of brilliant white light that goes together with a feeling of excitement and joy, which gets deeper and deeper and stronger and stronger. It’s hard to describe this in human language, because it was beyond human language, and I know when this happens at the Event, it will be even stronger. Not everybody will be able to feel that, or see that, or experience that, but definitely, people will be able to experience the physical effects of the Event itself. For those who have these spiritual connections, I would say it will be the most profound spiritual experience in their lives.


The Cabal and the US: The Rockefeller faction of the Cabal, the Illuminati–they’re a little bit crazy. They want to bring everybody down. They want to destroy the United States and this [the government shutdown] was part of their attempt to destroy the United States. They have a certain belief system in the apocalyptic scenario for the planet. It’s part of the old prophecies they believe in and they want to create that. They believe their purpose is to create that doom-and-gloom scenario for the planet, and they are actively pursuing that goal. It’s part of the Jesuit programming they received throughout their lives.


Reports of martial law, seizing guns, breaking down doors, installing, curfews, within certain cities throughout the United States:

Some of those reports are disinfo; some of them are exaggeration. But, yes, there were isolated cases of all those things happening. This is just the Cabal testing the reaction of the population to this. And they will not be able to go much further beyond that point. There may be isolated cases of those things happening but not on a larger scale.


The underground bases:  Most of them have been demolished, and erased from underground, so they have been filled with cement or rock or anything and removed because they’re not needed anymore. The Light forces have their own technology. They can hollow out any underground space to create their own bases, which are much better technologically, much clearer energetically and have much greater, much higher purpose. You might find one or two bases down there that are preserved as a museum. You will be able to see, parts of maybe Area 51 or something like that, as a curious individual.


Spaceships: Yes, there are millions upon millions of ships in the orbit around this planet, and all those ships belong to the Light forces…Most of them are invisible.

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