Why Do We Have the World We Have If Nobody Wants it This Way?

Face it: nobody wants war. War comes upon innocent people who hate it. Nobody wants the suffering on the scale that we now are so painfully aware of: the suffering of refugees, of boy soldiers, of young girls forced into sexual slavery, of prisons and torture chambers, of people poisoned by toxic dumping, of cities polarized by haves and have-nots, of untrustworthy food, of environmental degradation on a massive level, and so on. Nobody wants this world the way it is…why do we have it?

I kept looking beyond political answers. I didn’t see governments creating this world or even mega-corporations of the industrial-military complex creating it. I saw these entities as the façade shielding the real forces at work: a much smaller band of organizers using the power of money to bend the will of humanity to their goals. This group invented money centuries ago, and they use their grip on the faucets of money to encourage and discourage anything they want. People refer to them as the Illuminati (or more accurately the Illuminazis), the Global Elite or the Cabal.

What makes them extraordinary and also virtually invisible is that they have held power for centuries, keeping it in the hands of generations of families, willing to develop plans that may take centuries to fulfill. They don’t behave like the rest of us. In addition, more extraordinary yet, they are in possession of technologies that are of extra-terrestrial origin. The source of the power that has held this planet in its sway is the last stand of a renegade force in the higher planes that began as a challenge against the grand harmonic of the universe.

Simply put, the desire to do evil, destroy nature and create absolute control originated from an experiment in disobedience in the angelic realms. This rebellion, or disobedience, began long, long ago in an experimental era of creation we can’t comprehend. It lingers in our collective subconscious as myth. It imploded on itself and formed the nucleus of everything that opposes love, in the process launching a cycle marked by gross duality. Instead of harmonizing, the opposites waged war against each other.

Star Wars is a real story carried in our ancestral memory. There were eons of galactic wars between the forces of light and the forces of dark, and finally the dark forces were banished to the edge of the galaxy where they are making their last stand. It’s on this planet. With their subhuman allies, beings without the capacity for compassion, they seeded a pathological strain within the human race. This strain is the demonic energy that holds these lineages in its grip and perpetuates itself through satanic rituals and mastery of fear-inducing technologies.

For all of what we call human history, the dark forces have controlled our planet, gradually perfecting the art of mind control of the masses and manipulation of the powerful by the lure of the riches that they control. All wars have been encouraged and funded by them. Wars require money; the Cabal controls money. In an earlier stage of warfare, the money fed vast armies that marched across borders. In the modern stage of warfare, the money funds technology, which in our present day includes total population surveillance. The next step in the Cabal’s grand plan for world domination is micro-chipping every human baby. It is fairly obvious how close we are to that.

Because the dark forces have access to advanced scalar technologies, they can literally cloak the planet with a veil that pollutes our higher senses, our ability to draw inspiration and information from the greater universe and to truly know our human potential. This veil is the prison we all live within, fully penetrable only through miraculous psychic power and intense discipline. We all see glimpses now and then, and our artists and visionaries give us peeks, but for the average human the incarceration of the mind is total. When we plug into technology, technology plugs into us.  Our only freedom today, at this moment, is in nature, in soul-to-soul connection and in realms beyond the physical.

Meanwhile, the galactic light forces are well aware of our plight. They have sent messengers throughout our history, have opened up cracks in the veil when humans sought greater truth and revealed their presence. They have seeded our planet with psychedelic plants to open our polluted minds and leave inspiration within us. They have gradually increased their availability to us and have also positioned hundreds of thousands of positive beings within the Earth in a dimensional field we can’t perceive. These beings have allied with surface warriors for the light who now form a resistance movement that is gaining strength daily. As our sun and its family of planets align to the great central sun of the galaxy, massive creative beams of cleansing energy are focused on dissolving the last stand of the dark forces and liberating the entire galaxy of the dark.

The power brokers that appear to be the source of our wretched political-economic structure are programmed to respond to artificial power images like wealth and glamour and the ability to make people do their bidding. When the program is destroyed, most of them will be liberated to live real lives, joining the awakened humanity.  All of us will have new assignments of our roles in creating the new era that has long been prophesized as the Golden Age of Light.

This time is upon us. The energetic turning point of December 21, 2012, is now in manifestation phase. Much has been going on behind the scenes but every day now it is possible to see signs of the end of the old and the presence of the new. The first system to fall will be the monetary system, so expect a global reset of currencies very soon. There will be no Cabal-owned central banks with a fiat paper money system. There will be no debt. The new national currencies will be backed by physical wealth, primarily gold, and there will be abundance, not scarcity, because it turns out the Cabal has been hiding and hoarding a vast store of gold. It has been taken off the planet by the forces of light and will be restored with the financial reset. A new, healthy financial system will engender political change on a huge scale. Media will no longer be under the control of the Cabal and the truth of our planetary history will unfold. This truth will include the extra-terrestrial component that has always been with us and prepare us to enter into the era of galactic culture that lies ahead. Things are really about to change for the better.













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1 Response to Why Do We Have the World We Have If Nobody Wants it This Way?

  1. twobuffalos says:

    Miss Elizabeth thanks you… I’ve read snippets of your posts here and there but not this site. I’ve been following Cobra almost exclusively as my other sources seem not as reliable as they used to. be. Everyone wants to be on the winning side and the Gold is a great seducer. Lines have been drawn and the Light is Winning. Thanks again.. Bob Snare

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