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Dear Ivanka…Sorry About the Brand Name

Meanwhile, we have to see that this is not just about this handful of self-involved billionaires but a whole thought-process that supports the idea that there should even be people who gain such wealth that they manipulate the political system to institutionalize their dominance. Continue reading

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Destiny Rides Again

Whatever comes next in this mondo-bizarro political world, you and I are still here. That’s all you need to know. I’m addicted to reading everything I can on the subject of the Awful Unexpected Event. The point about Trump I … Continue reading

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Long Night’s Journey Into Day

This election is a beginning, not an ending, of a potent positive movement.
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It’s Alright, Ma (It’s Only an Election)

  Many people are finding this election unbearable and its rituals unwatchable, but I find it compelling. Something is truly happening here, Mr. and Ms. Jones. The personalities of the presidential candidates have been analyzed to death, but the underlying … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have the World We Have If Nobody Wants it This Way?

“Why do we have the world we have if nobody wants it this way?” Continue reading

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Hope is Just a Four-Letter Word

The other night the Dance Palace [our local community center] produced an event on “The State of the Obama Presidency” with journalists Norman Solomon and Bill Press in conversation. Co-sponsored by Point Reyes Books and benefiting the community center, the … Continue reading

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Recession for Dummies: Three Easy Lessons

Do you want to be the patient or do you want to be the doctor? Make up your mind. Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Organic

Letter to the Editor, West Marin Citizen             For $125 on August 9 you can have lunch with celebrity chef Alice Waters, with food prepared by Margaret Grade and Daniel DeLong of Manka’s, as a benefit for the Point Reyes … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Politics on Tomales Bay

            If Sarah Palin heated up the Republican convention she also provided a hot weather conversation topic for locals who made their way to the beach last week. Across the country, she’s the new girl in … Continue reading

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