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There are only two governments on this planet. One is the government of money and one is the government of divine order. Corrupted humans, with the intention of running the planet for their benefit alone, created the government of money. This government connived to enslave the rest of the humans via political and economic constraints and masterful tools of mind-control.

The government of divine order exists as creation itself and is governed by universal metaphysical laws and mathematical structures revealed through sacred geometric patterns. These patterns—the Flower of Life, the Golden Mean spiral, the torus doughnut, the dodecahedron, the Mayan Tzolkin, etc.—are observed throughout the manifest universe. It is important to note that there are no moral codes enforced by the divine order, nor are there divine orders spelling out that which is allowed and that which is forbidden. Those orders were created by the government of money, which infiltrated and co-opted religions originally inspired by revelations of the divine order.

Some important facts need to be understood about the government of money 1.) The power of money is based on scarcity, which its government regulates. 2.) The government of money owns and manages all addictions, making money itself the prime addiction. 3.) The intimidating power of the government of money comes from a primordial state of insecurity artificially implanted in all humans and activated by various advanced psychic technologies.

The final important truth for our time is that we are in the Armageddon moment of these two forces fighting for control of planet Earth. The turning point has occurred! The government of money has lost and the government of divine order has won. The victory of the Light, as it is referred to, has been achieved on the non-physical planes and it is only a matter of time for it to be visible in our physical world. The inevitability of this victory was built into the turning of the ages that occurred two years ago (December 21, 2012) but it nonetheless had to manifest through the free will of humans waking up to the true state of the world and to their ability to free themselves from the insecurity implants in their psyches.

Each of these sentences could be the first statement in an essay of its own, but this is not the time and place for that. All of you know these things are true in some part of your non-programmed being. In time, the truth of this will come forth as the Light continues to penetrate the planet and awakened humans continue to step out of their trance of indoctrination. The details will emerge and the veil of secrecy over our Galactic history will dissolve.

Imagine one tiny cell of your body suddenly realizing that it is part of a conscious entity made of countless other cells, each unique and yet each functioning in harmony with all the others. We are unique individuals and yet we serve the divine order. Understanding that we expand in power and purpose as we realize where we fit into the grand scheme of things is our next great evolutionary mission. That is what is in store for us as we move into an era that is defined as the Noosphere, an era of consciousness. Every person alive now is born for this era.

Meanwhile, back at the West Marin ranch, what does this mean for you and me? First of all, we will soon experience a major economic reshuffling and a whole new understanding of money. The fiat, or debt, currency of the Federal Reserve—the governing tool of the political world—will be replaced by a currency based on gold reserves. There will be a slight pause while the system is reset, but when it comes on line the form of our currency will be gold-backed Treasury Reserve Notes equal to if not more valuable than Federal Reserve Notes. This Global Currency Reset will be happening in many if not all countries on the planet. The dollar as we have known it will be history. A vast debt jubilee is expected.

The gold that will back our currency is from a massive treasure owned by ancient Chinese families, sometimes referred to as the Dragon families or the Elders. They have very benevolent intentions for this gold and there will be a huge rollout of funds for humanitarian projects sponsored by these collateral accounts. The intention of this will be to provide every human being with basic needs: home, food, shelter, clothing, health, education, etc. The places in the planet in the direst straits will receive attention first, but we will all begin to feel the effect. This gold has been stored for centuries waiting for this purpose.

There will be other radical changes as well. Certain high-profile political individuals will be arrested along with the main orchestrators of the government of money—now referred to as the Cabal. The current political structures of the government of money will be thrown into disarray and reformed in new and honest ways. Suppressed free energy technologies will be released. The media will no longer be under Cabal control and will be restored to an honorable role in the culture. On a multitude of platforms, from health to the arts to media to education, the influence of money will be turned from private gain to public good. It is somewhat unimaginable to predict what this will feel like and how it will be orchestrated, but be assured that this turning point has been planned for decades and is not some kind of coup d’état out of nowhere.

There are many signs that this is imminent. Whether it is weeks or months or even a year, it is inevitable. Look at the world right now and see the eruption of street activism. Look at the chaos in the so-called markets—patterns that suggest that the system has lost control of its system. Look at the daily revelations of chicanery and corruption at the heart of the power structure. Look at the ominous role of technology, serving the purposes of surveillance while enslaving us to addictive devices that blind us to the government of divine order. Radical change is coming because it must. Bottom line: keep calm and carry a big heart.


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