Prepare for Change!

Prepare for Change:

Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!

flyer image            What’s that flying saucer doing there?

That’s the great taboo subject of all time. It’s probably why you came.

[image without the UFO] Somehow this doesn’t have the same impact…

We have been taught to ridicule the idea of extraterrestrial involvement in the planet’s history and powerful disinformation programming has promoted alien invasion as humanity’s worst nightmare.

But you are here and we are here…so maybe something else is going on.

Opening the door on this subject is entering a vast territory that is, in fact, endless. Each path leads to fields of discovery and conjecture that could consume us for days if not years. The struggle from this side of the table is to keep the subject that needs to be contained for the evening from exploding in all directions.

You’ll have your chance after the break to ask a million questions, I promise.

Let’s go back to our words: Prepare for Change: Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!

We are here to prepare you…meaning we feel compelled to offer some information that will hopefully be helpful because we are convinced that dramatic changes are in the works.

The anticipated changes that have been described by our sources are so radical and so unprecedented that how they will impact each of us can’t be described. But we hope that by beginning to imagine them, you will be in a better frame of mind when the events occur.

So, what are the events? Our source calls it the Event, with a capital E.

Think earthquake. An earthquake happens when a tipping point of pressure occurs and everything releases. Someone once explained earthquakes to me as “like breaking a pencil in half.” The earthquake occurs when it snaps, but all the pressure that leads up to it is part of it, too.

Here on planet Earth, we have been experiencing thousands of years of pressure building up to a release of energy. It is getting close to the breaking point. Today, we routinely use language suggesting that the very elements of our survival are under threat: that our water, air, soil, atmosphere, biosphere, plant life, weather and so on are at critical levels of depletion.

Through our communication technologies, we have also witnessed geo-political activities in parts of the world that we will never visit but come home to us through words and images. These vivid reports suggest that there is a rising tide of outrage that is producing highly disturbing levels of violence.

These episodes seem to inspire further episodes as they brew and erupt and destabilize whole areas of nations and cities within nations, such as we just witnessed in America.

In individual human psyches we are also seeing much distress. Modern culture is a culture of reaction to this state of intense dis-ease. We are not happy and relaxed and hopeful.

This is the context in which to drop our radical news: positive planetary transformation is coming.

It is coming because a huge new truth is about to be revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt. WE ARE NOT ALONE. We have never been alone. Our planet floats in a sea of cosmic awareness.

It is as if one of the cells in our body thought it was all alone trying to fight off an infection or the effects of an injury. In reality, the whole system knows that something is going on and participates.

I recently had a microscopic splinter in my heel. Every time I walked I got an electric pain as if I were stepping on a tiny piece of glass.

It seriously affected walking so I had to deal with it. It was in an awkward place to reach—I had to twist myself all around to see the bottom of my foot. I finally managed to poke and squeeze it and when it came out it was tiny! About the size of a strand of hair and this small. I knew it was out and my whole body relaxed.

Talk about cosmic consciousness!

The distress on this planet—this cell in the body of an infinite organism—is disturbing the whole local universe.

This sweet little planet is infected with a very dire disease and it has called in the consciousness of the universe to cure it. The ETs are the manifestation of the cosmic consciousness, which is LOVE—I know you’ve heard that before.

The sickness that will be cured was an attack on LOVE that got its hold on our planet thousands of years ago and fortified itself with a variety of super technologies we can barely imagine or comprehend. This departure from the divine plan was always doomed and now that moment of truth is upon us.

This is a big concept.

1.) The planet we call home has been a hostage of the dark forces for 26,000 years.

2.) The travails on Earth right now are the last stages of eons of galactic wars between renegade dark forces and Light warriors.

3.) The turning point identified by the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012—was the energetic moment when the tide changed from negative to positive.

4.) The defeat of the dark has already occurred on the non-physical planes.

5.) We are living out the agony of the death throes of their rule, but shortly we will see the triumph of the Light and the liberation of the planet on the physical plane.

6.) Victory is guaranteed.

Take heart. Everything that you know to be wrong IS wrong. The denial of what is wrong is yet another wrong.

Rampant cancer is wrong. Rampant autism is wrong. Modified food is wrong. Massive feedlots and pig factories are wrong. Excessive standardized testing of children is wrong. Guns everywhere is wrong. Cameras everywhere is wrong. Jails and punishment are wrong. Border guards are wrong. Inequality of income is wrong. Paving over paradise is wrong. Homelessness is wrong. The high price of higher education is wrong. The brazen business of housing speculation is wrong. The profit motive way of life is wrong. Television everywhere you look is wrong. The saturation of violence in the media is wrong.

The degradation of women is wrong. The very foundation of geo-politics—the control of resources for profit—is wrong. War is wrong. Competition as a foundation of reality is wrong. The adoration of technology is wrong.

The turning away from nature and its replacement with a fixation on man-made products is wrong. The corruption of creativity to serve consumerism is wrong. Money itself—ultimately—is wrong.

Money is the driving force of sexual slavery, of pornography, of addiction, of most violence and crime, of the abuse of one social class against another—including racism—and of institutionalized inequality. Through the global system of money, all material objects are controlled. Money is what organizes organized crime. Money is the organization of scarcity while nature and its laws organize abundance. I’m going to repeat that. Money is the organization of scarcity while nature and its laws organize abundance.

All those terrible wrongs are rooted in one simple reality: the human species on this planet is not free. Forces that are unnatural and violate the laws of the divine order control us.

The change that is coming is simply this: LIBERATION.

The dissolution of the prison is the redemption of the human race—and it is our star brothers and sisters who are going to help us pull this off.

How is this going to happen?

A combined force of resistance fighters with extra-terrestrial allies and loyal humanists within the power structures of the military, the intelligence community, the media and the technology sector have been working on this for decades—basically since the end of World War II.

Over these years their progress has activated assistance from the great Galactic Confederation of Light Warriors who are adding their extremely advanced technologies to the equation.

Their technologies include the ability to disable weaponry, to penetrate all computer networks, to bring the global financial system to its knees, to disarm nuclear devices, to reverse much of the environmental damage caused by man-made activities—including radiation—and to dissolve the implants within every human being that allow the dark forces us to control us with programming technology.

In other words, forces we are not even aware of that occupy a plane of existence that our senses don’t perceive or comprehend are conducting the battle for soul of the planet. Yes, Virginia, there is Armageddon: the final battle of Light and Dark, and it is happening now. It is happening internally in each human being’s unconscious and reflected externally in the geo-political machinations we hear about in our news.

On the dark side, forces can manipulate our minds without our permission and distort our view of reality. We call this mental illness. On the Light side, liberating forces can reconnect us to our divine source in ways that completely erase our emotional history of fear and trauma and restore us to wholeness and sanity.

The challenge here is believing what we don’t see.

The only metaphor I can offer here is a memory you might have of a positive psychedelic trip—the famous acid truth—or some blessed experience of pure bliss that temporarily saturated your being. The birth of a baby. Falling in love. A near-death experience. The safe return of a missing child. Escape from death. A mystic experience out of nowhere. These are examples you might have had in your life that temporarily reconnected you to your source.

We call this seeing through the veil—the artificial barrier that currently keeps humans on this planet bound and shackled to a prison reality. Some of us just happen to occupy better quarters in the prison. I might think I live in paradise out in beautiful Point Reyes but that is just an illusion.

I may have the penthouse suite, but beneath my feet, somewhere in some dark region of the planet, other human souls, who are also aspects of me, are being ground into desperation in conditions cruel beyond imagining. Until the prison is dissolved into nothingness, no one is free.

The conscious universe cares about us, and that is why the time of our emancipation is approaching. It is a well thought-out campaign that sounds like a military action plan, but has a significantly different rationale. The intention is to liberate the planet by disabling the technology that imprisons it and arresting the perpetrators. We are promised the arrest of the brain trust of the evil empire, frequently referred to as the Cabal or Illuminati.

A few of these are high profile figures, such as George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld and other New World Order types, but most are people whose names mean nothing to us. They are heads of dynasty clans who have ruled the banking system and managed geo-political maneuvering for centuries from power centers such as the Vatican.

The moment of the Event—accompanied by the arrest of these figures—will also announce a temporary shutdown of the banking system. This is the most dramatic news that will affect everyone and be a sign that something absolutely huge has taken place.

The media will carry the news, along with reassurances that things will temporarily be inconvenient but there is no reason to panic. That’s why we are here: to spread the word that this Event is not a takeover by the evil forces as you have been programmed to believe—simply a pause and reset—for, of all things, the better.

After the reset, the money system will not be in the hands of the banking Cabal of the Rothschilds. A new currency system will come on line in a week or two and there will no longer be debt as we know it now. There will no longer be a private Federal Reserve running this county with fiat currency. There will no longer be a stock market—or any other exchange market—rigged to manipulate pricing to the advantage of the 1%.

A new global currency system will be launched based on gold reserves and material resources that cannot be manipulated by the Cabal. The foundation of this is being laid as we speak in activities such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that is being developed outside of the Rothschild central banks. These are clues that a new global financial system is in the works.

Other good news will come shortly after the reset: prosperity programs, debt jubilees, release of suppressed free energy technologies, immediate redirection of resources toward critical survival situations on the planet and the launching of healing centers to address the impacts of implants and restore individual humans to wholeness.

And, finally, when the time is ripe, disclosure of the presence of extra-terrestrial beings throughout the history of the planet will begin. We will learn our true galactic history. We will be introduced to benevolent extra-terrestrial beings in humanoid forms who will work with us as mentors and guides to heal the wounds of 26,000 years of abuse both to the planet and to our species.

Advanced ET technology will address most of the issues of pollution and reverse their impacts. It will replace fossil fuel technology with the technology of magnetism and light. It will inform healing centers throughout the planet and reverse virtually all disease and many issues related to ageing. It will open up the opportunities of space travel to other planetary systems to anyone so inclined.

As our implants are dissolved and our emotions healed from the psychological wounds of centuries of trauma, a new human being will evolve. These are our children and grandchildren, coming of age in a world with a brand new destiny. We see clues of them in today’s star children who show up already enlightened and wise beyond their years.

Everyone in this room was born to be a part of this marvelous turning point on planet Earth, a planet that is undergoing an unprecedented transformation being witnessed and supported by billions of beings in this galaxy. There are millions of space ships in orbit around the Earth right now, cloaked at this time, but gradually being revealed.

Crop circles and signs in the sky are the signals being given, the hints that consciousness is everywhere and is by nature benevolent. This moment in time is when we need to put our attention there, not at the horrors that are overemphasized by the Cabal-controlled media. We are meant to look with compassion at the suffering we observe but not become embroiled in despair and hatred. We can help with our actions and our thoughts without judgment. We can join prayer circles and meditations re-enforcing the highest ideals of love and forgiveness and become players in the transformation that is inevitable.

Our positive energy is a huge field that will support the Resistance Movement and the Light Warriors of the Galactic Confederation. If we commit to fully engage ourselves we will find our unique part in this unimaginable drama. There will be opportunities galore. Everyone matters.


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  1. elizabeth, i love your synopsis here of our immanent change. well done, especially the feeling that comes out of the several “… wrong” paragraphs. minor question: after describing the most pertinent items of the event, you say “and, finally, when the time is ripe, disclosure of the presence of extra-terrestrial beings”. Is not this disclosure an integral part of the Event???
    thank you

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