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Maarten Horst, ET First Contact Radio, Transcription Part Two

Part Two: Maartin Horst, First Contact Radio, Aion Vortex Activation Portal in Florence, Italy, November 23, 2013  [53:30] Cobra was explaining that in the Renaissance the art was inspired by the Ascended Masters and by purity and aesthetic beauty. In … Continue reading

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Maarten Horst on the Aion Portal Activation: Transcription

The forces of the light and dark; it was like a battle–not a battle, but like a fountain or a heartbeat that is going from one direction to another. But the group was able to maintain positive and to be coherent as a group and embrace the love. And there were beings from the center of this universe that were present to guide us and to help us through. Continue reading

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Conversations With Cobra, Chapter One

When the light from below meets the light from above at the surface, that’s the moment of compression breakthrough and that’s the moment of the Event. When this is happening it will be huge, energetically and physically, and everybody will be able to see it. Continue reading

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What On Earth is Going On?

Between the time I am writing this and you are reading it, a whole hella lot could have already happened.  Things are moving fast and furious around us; stability is not the norm. Agility would be a better paradigm.             … Continue reading

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The Coming of Ages

It was not the end of the world. It was the end of a world age. A world age is a vast season of consciousness made manifest on the physical plane. The Mayans, very advanced beings, created a physical culture to teach the consciousness of time, the essence of which is that time is consciousness. We have now entered the world age in which we will learn and live that reality. Continue reading

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Living in Reactionary Times

These are reactionary times. These are times when events are explosive and unexpected. Protest politics are back, pitting people power against intransigent institutions. Earth events send shock waves of fear and empathy around the globe. Solar flares wake up a … Continue reading

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Hope is Just a Four-Letter Word

The other night the Dance Palace [our local community center] produced an event on “The State of the Obama Presidency” with journalists Norman Solomon and Bill Press in conversation. Co-sponsored by Point Reyes Books and benefiting the community center, the … Continue reading

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